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Last mw appt I measured two weeks ahead now, I measure 4 weeks ahead. She doesn't seem concerned, am I wrong to be?
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I've measured anywhere from 1-3 weeks ahead the last few appts. as well. It doesn't worry me. It's such an inexact science and can be completely influenced by what you've eaten or how full your bladder is. I wouldn't worry about it.
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I wouldn't worry about it. Starting around 30 weeks, I've measured ahead with all my pregs...
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I was measuring a week ahead 2 weeks ago and gained 5 lbs and now I'm measuring 3 weeks ahead.

I wasn't concerned as I'd been depressed about my house not selling and dh and I spent every day eating ice cream, drinking slushies and devouring other junk to make us happy...lol. Also haven't been moving as much because of the pelvic pain.

My midwife however, brought up the whole diabetes thing and told me if I was still going to refuse the test to at least lay off the sugar.

I googled (measuring ahead in third trimester) and I found an article saying that measurements at this stage are irrelevant so I'm going with that.
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I was told it also depends on the baby's position too. I measured 2 weeks ahead and a month later was right on. The second time she was hiding in the back and it seemed to have made a big difference.
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I have gd so, I am naturally concerned with the baby's size. I go back in two weeks so, I'll see what my mw says then.
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