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I swam again on Monday, and then yesterday I did the elliptical for a 1/2 hour. It felt really good, as in, I felt refreshed, but definitely felt like I had gotten a serious workout in!

Today, though, I'm just going to go walk 2 - 3 miles around the pond, and maybe do some yoga. I have totally been sucking at the yoga thing.
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Hi Mamas. I have been working hard to not join this thread coz' I know I am REALLY LAZY. LOL. Since I can't do it on my own as all I have been doing after work was to sit on the couch and stare at the TV and in most nights, don't even cook dinner.
I need to start off really slowly since exercise has not been in my dictionary in years.

Let's plan on 3x walking for 30 minutes for the first few weeks
then I want to add some yoga so I can build strength for the birth

Thank you Mamas,
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Just checkin' in here. I didn't do much this past weekend. I did however do a little creek hike with the family on Sat. Although it really wasn't that hard since my almost 3 yr old was able to do it all with as little as our holding his hands on the decline in a few steeper parts. But at least it was something.

I didn't get the chance to get into the gym on Sunday. Monday I had to work late, Tues I had a dentist appt after work. Today I am going to the gym straight after work. I plan to do the same thing tomorrow. Friday my hubby is kicking the weekend off with a man camping trip, so I'll either take my son with me to the gym or do my new prenatal yoga video at home. I just got it in the mail yesterday and am so looking forward to trying it out. It says that they do have 2 assistants who work out along with the guide and depending which trimester you're in is who you should follow.

Hope everyone is having good workouts!
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Hooray! Looks like Cindy, Emily and I are off to a start for this week- I just did a yoga video myself- it feels so good to stretch all those muscles!!!

It's Wednesday, so we all still have plenty of time to get our 3 workouts in, so for those of you who haven't so far, start tonight or tomorrow!

GRACE- welcome to the group! Jump right in and try to get those 3 workouts in this week! You can do it!!!
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Ok, you've convinced me. I WILL do yoga tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by wholewheatchick View Post
Ok, you've convinced me. I WILL do yoga tomorrow!
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I took a couple of days off, but I got back into my groove today. I did a weight workout and later on before bed, I am going to do some relaxing yoga.

Welcome Grace!
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I just got a great yoga workout in after a crazy day. It was just what I needed to de-stress Have a great night all!
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Great job Jessica!!!
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alright. I got something to report: I walked 25 minutes last night and another 20 min at lunch today. Not exactly 30, but baby steps.
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Originally Posted by grazy101 View Post
alright. I got something to report: I walked 25 minutes last night and another 20 min at lunch today. Not exactly 30, but baby steps.
The important thing is that you found the time and motivation to get some exercise in! Great job

I did 20 minutes/4.5 miles on the bike today then did and arm workout followed by some stretching.
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Let's see...on Thursday, I swam 1 mile. Yesterday, I walked 3 miles in 45 min. and FINALLY managed to get in 15 min. of yoga! Today, I was going to swim, but the thunder has already started and they close the pool at the YMCA for that. So, I think I"ll head to the cardio room and I"ll hope to do 30 min. on the elliptical, and 15 min. on the bike.
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Hey Jess, Grace and Emily- GREAT JOB!!! This weekend we drove to Iowa to attend a friend's wedding- I made sure I got in 30 minutes of walking and a wholllllle lotta dancing yesterday! Go us!

Happy 4th!!
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I did the elliptical for 1/2 hour on Monday, and today I went swimming. Finally, the sun is out again in the sunshine state!

Since I am still having a hard time getting motivated to do yoga, I am making a more conscious effort to stretch really well after working out, and while DH and I watch movies/shows in the evening, if we do that.
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Ok, yesterday I did the air walker for 30 min., and then walked fast on the treadmill for 15 min.

Today I managed to slog through a mile swim...seriously, it felt like the pool was filled with lead, not water!

Tomorrow, I think I will just walk a few miles around the pond near our house. I can tell that my body needs a bit of a break.

Ooh, and my sister is coming to visit and brining my 3 1/2 month old nephew, so I am planning on getting a lot of "arm workouts" in by holding him
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I feel like such a slacker that all I've done is walked- but I've at least done that every night for 30 minutes! I keep telling myself something is better than nothing.

I'm so hungry- gonna go get some food now
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Sorry everyone. I haven't posted here in over a week I've been super busy with work. The good thing is that I didn't slack with my workouts! I can't believe it cause I'm the worst morning person ever...but somehow I managed to wake up Thurs and Friday am BEFORE work to get into the gym. I needed to go in the mornings cause I had to work very late a couple days last week and I really didn't want to give up my workout streak that I've worked so hard to build. So with those 2 workouts and my Monday workout after work last week, I made it to my desired 3 times last week!

However, I've had my new prenatal yoga dvd to try out for over 2 weeks now and still haven't gotten to it I see everyone else is doing well with their yoga workouts though! Keep it up! Hopefully I can fit in some time this week to do my yoga video and get in my 3 regular gym sessions.
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I was MIA last week, but despite being way too busy, I managed to get in a few workouts. I did yoga on Tues and Friday and rode the bike on Saturday. I am looking to kick it up a notch this week, but am wondering where the 2nd trimester energy is?!?!?!
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Sat. I took the day off, just a 1 mile jaunt around the pond. Sunday I swam for about 40 minutes. Today DH and I are planning on going on a really long walk.
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Yeah I've been doing a lot of functional exercise- lol. We moved all the office stuff including a few bookshelves worth of books from our top floor to our basement- I was dripping in sweat!!! Also I've been walking outside when it hasn't been raining. But, I need to make my yoga a priority at least 2 times weekly.

Jess and Cindy- glad to hear you guys were doing so well- keep checkin in! Not only do you get to brag about your workouts, but it makes the rest of us get off our butts to join in the glory
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