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Body odor in almost 5yo boy?

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DS has always been the hot-n-sweaty type of kid. He complains constantly of being too hot, rarely wears anything more than shorts or underwear in the house. I woke him from a nap a few days ago, and at first I thought it was me because I hadn't showered yet, but I sniffed his underarms and indeed he does have a little bit of odor there. DH insists this is normal, and I did look it up and I guess a little bit of stink is normal in little boys. He also has a good deal of very light "peach fuzz" hair on his back and legs, but maybe that's normal too because DH is a pretty hairy guy What do you think? Should I be concerned?
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My son is 5 and he definitely has body odor if he goes more than 2 days without a bath or if he has been especially active. It was suggested to me to use a high quality soap and make sure to rinse the armpits well.
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Dial soap worked well for my dd.
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Yep, my 4.5 yr old son is a stinky monkey!
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Thanks everyone. DS is THE most ticklish kid in the entire universe. Cleaning under his arms is quite a challenge. Hopefully I can get him over the tickle part. He just bursts into giggles when I lift up his arms!
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My 8 year old son just developed BO, We've gone all previous years with maybe two baths a week, and no smell. Now we shower every day and still, he STINKS like a european man (I'm from europe, I can say that) I have been searching online if this is normal age or precousious puberty. It seems to be a common age in girls, but boys should not have early puberty signs before 9... So I'm freaking out of course. It's good to hear of others who have young boys with same issue, but I only found few of us, so I'm still not assured this should be. Is it something we are eating? We eat all organic in the house, but we also eat out a lot, and I worry, maybe my kids have just gotten too many hormones along the years from the meat they devour when they are not in my house. I've heard of hormone in meats causing precocious puberty.

It's been so hot, they take two recesses at school, and run the whole time. Tonight he refused to take a shower or bath, because he likes to smell like a real man! Last night he took a bath and I never made sure he washed armpits with soap, after all, bath used to take care of everything... So tonight, reading to him, I wanted to puke! I guess it's kind of funny too, but...:irked

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