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Yes! Here is the recipe I use:
Noodle Casserole (tuna/salmon/chicken...) (adapted from

8 oz noodles
4 T butter
4 T flour
2 t salt
2 C milk
2 C shredded cheese (usually cheddar)
1 can or equiv salmon/tuna/chicken etc
2 C peas (or other veggies if you like, I use frozen veggies and toss them in unthawed. They are still crisp when the casserole is done.)

Crust (if desired - I highly recommend )
3/4 C bread crumbs
2 T melted butter
optional: flax seed, a couple TBS? I think I've used some almond meal before when I didn't have enough bread crumbs. Also good with a little garlic powder/granulated garlic thrown in.

Cook noodles. melt flour, butter and salt. Add milk and cheese to form a creamy sauce. Combine noodles, sauce and peas in pan. Place in baking dish.
Mix crust ingredients together and sprinkle over casserole. Bake at 350 for 30 min.

If you make more than 8 oz of noodles, definitely increase the sauce proportionately. I've often made it with about 12 oz of noodles and it all fits in a 9x13 pan, but totally fills it.

Bon appetit!
OMG. I have all of these ingredients, I'm pregnant, it's 9:40 on the 4th of July and I'm going to have to make this TONIGHT.