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Anybody else find their BH pleasurable?

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I can't believe I'm asking this. My BH are really strong but from time to time, they are accompanied by certain sensations around my cervix that I can only describe as.... ROWR.


Anyone else?

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Um, no. A lot of the time I can feel my cracked tailbone when I have a BH. Ouchie.
I am jealous. It would be the best action I've gotten in a long time. LOL
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I seem to get them as menstrual cramps I can feel in my legs. Weird. Not pleasurable.
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I think I kind of get what you're saying. Something slightly pleasurable happens every once in a while. I'm going to have to pay more attention next time it happens. My body has gotten too unwieldy to get any real action.
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Not like you're describing, but it is pleasurable in a "ya! Bring it on!" kind of way
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I haven't really noticed too many BH...I guess mine are really mild?
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Yeah, I'm having them right now, but it's pleasurable in a sense that I get really really excited to go into labor... When I go a whole day without feeling any, I get really bummed out. Feels like menstrual cramps and I never looked forward to that feeling so much as I do now every day!!!
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I sort of know what you mean...it's like a twinge or zing that last a second or two, and doesn't feel bad. Haha, that's the closest I'll get to saying it feels good . It must be a nerve that's close to the pleasure nerves and it's getting confused, thinking something hot is happening.
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so im not the only wierdo?! i totally get what you mean! its not the actual BH that feel good, its like this .... inside, deep in-there warm feeling, right? and i cant make it go away if i try to. they can be pretty strong, and if i close my eyes and use my imagination .... MMmmmmm LOL

(just realized where this is posted! sorry im not a july mama, just had to reply to let you know youre not the only one )
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Where do I sign up for these? my bhx are not painful or pleasurable yet...however I would love to have a labor full of O worthy contractions! I think from now on I will pay close attention and try to pretend really hard and maybe I can con myself into believing they feel o worthy...
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Hmm, no, not really.

Sometimes they set off my pleasure nerves in a happy, baby hug kind of way. But usually they kinda freak me out lately when they are really intense because I am paranoid of going into pre-term labor and I can so easily imagine them building into the real thing!

I am going to try breathe and concentrate on tapping into the really open, pleasurable, pain- and fear-free nature of these and get to where you mommas are talkin about! Have you all seen 'Orgasmic Birth'? Wouldn't that be great? Maybe if I start mentally getting there now, by the time the birth rolls around, I'll be ready for an orgasmic birth experience!
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CMH I have seen Orgasmic Birth and that's kind of where I realized to tune into the myriad of sensations and feelings.

I'm not saying the BH feel O worthy just in and of themselves... (thank goodness some of you understand what I'm saying!!!!)... and sometimes I don't enjoy them at all (uncomfortable, tight, feel breathless).... but sometimes there's another feeling that accompanies them that is not unpleasant...

I'm not going to lie -- I didn't find the experience of labour itself Orgasmic for either baby. But definitely the second birth, after it was over, I felt Ecstatic. (After the first one I was seriously traumatized.)

I guess in trying to understand how the heck some women can experience orgasmic birth, I have kind of noticed and tuned in to these other feelings in the range on the spectrum. Just kind of interesting.

You know how they say birth is so sexual? How the sounds made and some of the positions are very sexual? I guess I'm just trying to tap into it from a non-OUCHIE place.

Does anybody know someone who has experienced pleasure during labour or birth?
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Originally Posted by queenofchaos View Post
Um, no. A lot of the time I can feel my cracked tailbone when I have a BH. Ouchie.
I am jealous. It would be the best action I've gotten in a long time. LOL
Cracked tailbone? Ouch.
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I totally understand!! There are moments when my BH feel the same as when my uterus tightens during O. I love them, and try to get the most out of those moments. There are other moments that stop me in my tracks thinking "ok, damn, I'll go potty. You didn't have to be mean about it" There are times I feel like I'm menstruating, or horribly gassy. Those are all not my idea of a good time... but those others, yes I like those others very much!

After my first birth I felt so much fear. I never wanted to forget. I felt like something supernatural happened inside me, and I was out of control. After getting pregnant with my 2nd I read a birth confirmation that said something along the lines of "the power of contractions can not be larger than me, because it is me". I really needed to believe that. Using that as my mantra, combined with what I read about orgasmic birth, and an article from Mothering that explained the importance of changing the vocabulary used to describe labor really brought me to a whole new level of birthing. By changing the words I use, and the way I think about the powerful surges and delivery, I opened myself up to the possibility of pleasure. It hit me that I CAN own this experience. Its mine. Mine and my baby's. I can, and will feel it the way I want it to feel. And I did! Those ideas planted in my mind absolutely had an effect on my last labor. I LOVED it. I was relaxed, in love, and felt amazing!

(now I'm just afraid I wont be able to have it so good this third time...)
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Maranapanda, I *SO* hear you. I think mindset during birth is a huge thing. It's hard to describe and hard to achieve. I found my second birth best because I was alone at home with dh most of the time and was able to awe at the power of my own body.

So interesting to hear you say about your first birth -- that it felt like something supernatural had happened. I felt the same way too. And I felt like I had seen something I shouldn't have, like I was shell-shocked like a soldier after a war or something. Part of the supernatural/awesome thing though was Feeling All The Women.... very cosmic and spiritual, I felt all the women who had birthed before me, all those who were birthing with me, and all those who would be birthing after me... that was cool, man.

Anyway, I had brought a lot of baggage to my first birth, incl. very harsh self-talk from a borderline grandmother, and fear/pain from a history of witnessing SA. I also didn't advocate for myself when my care was transferred to an OB, and I spent a lot of time being angry at my MWs and the OB, but being silent about it.

I too have heard that quote, "The contractions are not bigger than you, they ARE you". It *is* an empowering thing to hear and to KNOW during birth. I am really looking forward to getting our beads and inspirational sayings from our due date club. Last birth I posted all those sayings on a nice blue construction paper, and looked at them as a way of mentally preparing, rehearsing positive thoughts about birth.

I too was in a waaaay better place mentally for the 2nd birth and like you, am worried about not being able to recreate it for the 3rd. Honestly, part of it for me is I think asking my mom to stay with the children instead of being present at the birth............... ugh. Anyway.

But yeah, I hear you on tapping in to the whole spectrum of sensations and feelings WRT BH and birth.
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