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Motivated Moms:1 week challenge-slackers, newbies & MM curious come join me! - Page 3

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Love the challenge. I just am jumping on board with yesterday since I was out of town. Of course one of my dc is sick with the flu - day 3. So, I got the daily's done yesterday and only some of the other chores. Hoping today will be a better day. I want to get caught up on the house & paperwork today & tomorrow since I work this weekend. High hopes with a kiddo with the flu.

Wednesday 23
Change dishcloth/towel
Change hand towels in bathrooms
Clean outdoor trash can
Wash walls - living room
Clip children's nails
Dust children's/guest room(s)

My dd is in charge of sweeping today, so that will help.

p.s. to those spending the day by the pool - I am jealous. I have had a sick child, sick parent, or been out of town since the kids have been out of school. I can't wait for the time that we can just hang out at the pool for the afternoon. Enjoy! Even if some chores don't get done.
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Thanks Mag.Bubble! I am taking your advice and heading over to the pool again today. DD was homeschooled this year and is loving the chance to meet up with all of her school friends.

I didn't do too too bad yesterday. I did:

Feed the Butterfly (we have 1 butterfly from our caterpillar/butterfly nursery with an injured wing, so we didn't release that one yet. Will do it today since we've had it for over a week and we don't want to watch it die-- just wanted to let it live as a butterfly for longer than a day before becoming bird food. LOL)

Made dinner
Cleaned the dishes
Wiped out the sink
Cleaned the counters
Prepared our clothing for today

Didn't do any of the extras, but at least the kitchen isn't a complete mess. Oh and I washed and dried a load of laundry. Just need to fold and put away today.
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Well, the doctor thinks I may be about to go into labor, so plans have changed!

Today I would like to:

Clear the dining room table
Do as much laundry as possible
Clean my room
vacuum my room and DS's room (I'll probably have DD do this)
maybe pick up the playroom a little

No motivated moms for me, but I hope no one minds me posting my own list
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Loving this so far!!

Today on top of the daily chores I did I also was able to accomplish all this!!

Swept the front porch/entry way.
Cleaned the bathroom mirrors and front door window
Vacuumed the formal living room, storage room, and house (roomba pooped out on me earlier drats! )
Cleaned the dining room table and put out a table runner, flowers and candles to pretty it up.
Folded a load of laundry and put away 3 other loads.
Cleaned the bottom of the freezer and one shelf in the fridge
Cleaned off the desk
Cleaned trash out of the Flex

Had time to run my errands to pick up a pool for the boys and a birthday present.

In the end I told dh I deserved to be taken out for dinner!
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How do you all with babies do all that! Either your babies are better sleepers than mine or you are super moms. I feel like taking a break when dd is sleeping, not getting stuff done! Wow!
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well THANK you for this thread...it got me moving this week and MAN I did more than I thought I would without feeling bombarded...

Today with the everyday chores I was able to

Clean the microwave
fold and put away 2 loads of laundry
clean out the fridge
I waxed my eyebrows for my "me time"
and laid on the couch and read a book for THIRTY minutes
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I was a slacker for the past 2 days, but I think I'll try to get the kitchen under control now. I personally don't have a good sleeper at the moment, so I just take advantage of the days where I actually have energy. Today, I just was too tired to focus, but the house looks better than it would have without this challenge, so I am going to try to stick with it.
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I'm in! I truly need to get some sort of routine down. And now with finding out #7 is on the way, the time is TODAY!
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OK-- so all I did yesterday was make dinner, do the dishes, vinegar the table stove and counters and sweep the floor. Things are still better than if I did nothing. We have a busy weekend, but I'm ready to go another round starting tomorrow.

Congrats Anglebee!
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Is there a list for Thursday/Friday/Sat? Or does the program front load the week so the weekend is "time off"?

My dd1 had her last day of preschool last week so I've got two months to get into the housekeeping habit... in September my 5yo will be homeschooling (Moving Beyond the Page) and attending a "waldorf first grade social circle for homeschooled kiddos" on Wed/Thurs 9-2, my 3yo will be attending a yoga/earth child preschool Mon/Tues 9-noon, and my then 1yo will be into everything! I may be starting my own online degree program too so that's an extra wrinkle. Any cleaning/organizing habits need to be working well by then!
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There are lists for each day. There's the daily list and then there are only a few extras on the weekends. If you go on the motivated moms website, she has samples that you can check out. That's what you can use to get you started.

I had a lonnnggggg day, so nothing but dishes today and not all of them fit in the dishwasher.
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I actually went and purchased the "year" a little after I posted... hopefully blending MM and the few FlyLady tricks that I've already internalized will work!
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Is this thread still going or was it only for last week?

I did horribly last week but doing amazingly well this week!!!

I've done EVERYTHING from the list Monday, Tuesay and today except for clean telephones (not sure how to do this--wipe it down w/clorox wipes?), vacuum 2nd floor (18 weeks pregnant and too scared to lift the heavy duty vacuum up the stairs -- DH said he would do it tonight), clean out one kitchen drawer will do later day! YAY! I love it when things go well. I actually made dinner (a full nice sit down meal for the fam) on Monday & Tuesday, too! Our house looks 100% better than it did last week. MM is amazing.
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I "wuz-gonna" do this, but didn't do well. I am caught up on dishes, need to vacuum and mop and do abot a million other things, but LO is teething and I'm just tired. She did start sleeping more, but I'm still beat. Today will be a catchup day.
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