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What did your 2nd grader learn this year?

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Curious ....

What did your 2nd grader learn this year & what curriculum did you use?

& what are you planning to use for 3rd?
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My dd just finished second grade. Let's see...she did:

Reading -- this is an area she struggles in so had to continue to sit with her and help her with her reading. She read some McGraw Hill phonics books for second grade and is working through some green Christian Reader books we got from someone now.

Math -- this is where she excels. She is doing Math U See is was up to multiplying 325 by 12 -- that kind of problem when I realized it was getting a bit much for her so we stopped moving forward in her book and focused on math drills instead.

Spanish -- she takes a class at our co op and worked through one of the 2nd grade workbooks you can get at Costco.

Science -- she did Abeka and some other materials through a class at co op. I also did an Apologia book with my older child and included her in it on astronomy.

Lang. Arts -- she is in the 3rd edition of First Language Lessons and is enjoying that.

Handwriting -- She's currently learning cursive using the Daily Handwriting Practice book and it's going quite well.

Music -- she took a class at our co op.

History -- we were trying to get through the first half of the first Mystery of History book but we were waylayed one too many times. We made it about 1/4 of the way through. She learned more history from my older child's lessons I believe.

For this coming year, I'm going to streamline things more to make life easier.

She will have:

Math -- continue with MUS.
Handwriting -- continue with current book.
Reading -- keep doing what we were doing.
Science -- I am going to do the Apologia Botany book with all of my kids.
History -- I am going to do American History with all of my kids.
L/A -- she will keep working in FLL but I will also add in some writing by having her dictate stories to me. She writes a lot of poems right now which I love.
Language -- she will take a Spanish class again at co op. I am also going to start delving into the world of word roots with my older son so will include her in that as well.

I think that's it. I might try to get her going on learning to type. We tried that this past year and it just didn't fly. Also, may try to teach her piano. I tried that in the past as well and she just wasn't ready.
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Just finished 2d grade here as well:

Reading: worked on fluency and comprehension. We used Sonlight Regular Readers 2 & some ETC

Grammar: parts of speech (verb, adverb, adjective, prepositions), sentence and paragraph structure, review capitalization, titles and memorization. We used FLL 2 and some SL LA

Science: some life science, magnetism, earth science, simple experiments, lots of gardening, zoo trips and library trips. After hopping around settled with Seton Science as a back bone for our studies.

Math: Math U See Alpha & Beta. We started at the beginning with math facts for addition and subtraction, place value, money, skip counting, mental math, telling time, measurement. We also worked on "fast adding" as an intro to multiplication.

History/Geography/Literature: Sonlight Core 1 - Ancients... we liked to try and duplicate what was listed. So if there was a recipe in Peoples of the world we made it, fastened togas, built an egyptian water clock, etc.

Music & Art didn't get finished to the degree I would have hoped.. next year I intend to out source Also next year we are going with a full curriculum to make sure we cover everything to the degree we feel comfortable. Seton Science was so impressive we've opted to go with them.
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