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Emery Pearl is here!

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She was born last night at 11:36 into the water at our local birth center! 8lbs 3.5 oz, 20 in long with a double nuchal cord, stuck shoulders, and a true knot!!
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How long was your labor?
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Congrats momma!! Our babes stats are almost EXACTLY the same!
Hope everything's ok with you both! Rest up and enjoy your babymoon!

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That sounds intense! So glad it ended up well. Looking forward to the birth story, but enjoy your babymoon.
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Wow, sounds intense. Congratulations and welcome little Emery!
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Beautiful name! Congratulations and best wishes for easy healing...
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Congratulations, and welcome to baby Emery!
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Originally Posted by Pinoikoi View Post
How long was your labor?
about 15 hours. my contractions started earlier, but weren't requiring much work, so i'm not counting them! lol!
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Congrats mama and welcome baby Emery!!
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congrats mama!
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congrats and welcome to Emery!!
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congrats! i had a true knot little girl too!
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Emery is such a great name~! We had that one picked out for a little girl too. Thinking August Emery, Emery Jane or August Emerson for a boy. Congratulations and great name!
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