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Sesame Place

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Anybody been to Sesame Place with a baby? I'd imagine it's not at all an unusual occurrence. My sister is sending us for my soon-to-be-four son's birthday and we have an 8 month old. Are there things we can go on with her or are we going to be stuck sending one parent on with DS and one parent staying with DD?
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You are going to have to take turns. There really aren't any "rides" that the baby can go on. If you have a mesh sling they may let you in the water areas with the baby. Check out their website - sesameplace.com and they have a full listing of all their rides and attractions.

Good luck!
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I just remember when we went and my daughter was small the Lazy River 'ride' that has the tubes- some of the tubes had a bottom so the baby can actually sit in it and the legs not be dangling...it was worth the wait for an extra minute for one with a bottom to come along, then you walk next to them holding them...gives your arms a break!
also a splash pool area where they can sit at the edge- gradual increase of a depth up to your knee which I remember she splashed around in. Hope that helps- it's been awhile!!
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I just took my 11 month old for the first time. We have season passes and go once a week in the summer. The water attractions are good for little ones. There's a big wade pool to sit in and splash and she loved Count's Castle. We just walked around at the bottom and the water dripping down was nice. Also the carousel, we sat on the bench together. The lazy river is nice too. My dd sat on my lap while we went around. Just be the look out because there are water falls that make you get WET. On the rides you will have to take turns, but if you go on a nice day it won't be that bad. One can stay at the water with the baby and the other person can go on the rides and slides with your son. Have fun!
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hey moobie...

sounds like you would know a lot about SP...I haven't gone since I was little, but now I've got a little one (son, age 4) and am excited to go

I was wondering if you had any thoughts about which days are crazy busy and which days have fewer people? I figure weekends are the worst, any thoughts on this?

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During a weekday is way better than a weekend. But if you must go on the weekend try to go later in the day and stay till closing. We just went yesterday (Monday) and it wasn't that bad. If the line was too long to wait in we would go see something else and come back later, but most people were in the water so the dry rides weren't as packed. Hope you have fun!
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Thanks a million. I feel alot better now. DS is a total water bug, so the water will work out well. She does well with the Lazy River at our community pool and DS likes it too, so we'll definitely try that out.
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