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Originally Posted by goldfinches View Post
RE = Reproductive Endocrinologist. They're fertility specialist who do IUI and IVF procedures.

Thank you but someone in previous post had explained.
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I have PCOS am still nursing my DD and am going through fertility treatments,

Strangely enough, breastfeeding has helped to regulate my cycles because they were crazy all over the place before.

My RE will even do IVF while I'm nursing and we're currently saving for that since our insurance only covers part of it.

If you have bloodwork done, you can have your prolactin levels checked and the number should be enough to tell you if breastfeeding is hindering your ovulation capabilities or if it's PCOS.

And Clomid is fine for breastfeeding, although it does cause a dip in supply for some and isn't recommended for breastfeeding that hasn't been established yet. I'd have to look it up in Hale's book but I don't think it ends up in milk or is at least very minuscule.

And HCG it totally safe because it's what your body would release when you're pregnant anyway.
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Resources about bfing and fertility

I'm really glad to have found this thread while googling breastfeeding and IVF. I had always thought that I couldn't do one until I was finished with the other. Some of the threads I have found on here have been such a godsend! Some of the resources I have come across are below.

For those who are considering IVF while breastfeeding, or IUI, or any medications at all, consider visiting Dr. Thomas Hale's website for medical providers. It lists specific medications and how they are transmitted or not through breastmilk. This was really encouraging to read and find. Many medications are not readily bioavailable through the milk supply. One obstacle out of the way? Although based on the fact that the website is for medical providers to post questions, it becomes apparent that most doctors don't seem familiar with how medication is or isn't transmitted! Good to do your own reading -- check it out below.


So if meds aren't an issue for my daughter, why are doctors so against breastfeeding and fertility procedures? I've come across suggestions that the success of implantation may be lessened by breastfeeding. This seems to be more true, however, for women who are breastfeeding infants or young children? I've had a hard time finding statistics or specifics.

The following article on kellymom implies that if you are later in breastfeeding, older child for instance, and your fertility has resumed normally, this may not be an issue. This is just a snippet, but the article was a good read if you follow the link.

"Do I need to wean to get pregnant?
Probably not. If you are still transitioning to full fertility (as discussed above), breastfeeding may affect the success of implantation. Once implantation is successful, breastfeeding should not affect a healthy pregnancy (see A New Look at the Safety of Breastfeeding During Pregnancy for more information). If your periods have come back and settled into a regular pattern, it is likely that breastfeeding is no longer affecting your fertility."

I'd love to hear more from anyone with experience breastfeeding and success or not of IVF or other procedures!
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My own story

Here's where we are in the process.

I did my 2nd try at IVF as a frozen cycle with no meds, putting 3 blastocysts in back in 2007. 2 of them were good, one was a little less developed, but it was explained to me that the presence of each would up the likelihood that at least one would take. Voila! It did! My daughter was born in 2008.

My daughter is healthy, beautiful, and the greatest blessing in my life. She is now 2 years old and still nurses a few times a day. Upon waking, at nap, and again at bedtime. Sometimes wakes at night to nurse once or twice. Anyway, as my 36th birthday approached a few weeks ago, I started thinking about wanting to try again before too long. Breastfeeding until my girl is ready to stop kept me from thinking about it before. After reading on here and elsewhere, though, I realized it might not have to be an obstacle.

Now here we are in 2010, I'm getting older, have no plans to wean, and want to move ahead with another try. In my consult, doctor initially said, we recommend you wean before moving ahead. I responded with a slew of information from everything I'm reading, as well as my commitment to bf'ing, and asked about the difference in rates of success if I wean or if I don't. Doc didn't have an answer for how it alters statistically. Instead he suggested checking FSH levels, prolactin levels, and an ultrasound.

FSH came back at 5, anything below 15 is normal. Prolactin came back at 12, anything below 25 is normal. Ultrasound showed that I had just ovulated.

I have a saline sonogram scheduled for tomorrow, the last of the screenings we set up. I will look to consult with the doctor after that.

Based on the normal numbers, I'm inclined to cycle in 6 months or so, no intention of weaning. (We're in the middle of selling our house and moving, so I have to wait a few months til we get settled before I am ready to try this!) Doctor seems okay with that, I'll check in with him for sure, but the NURSE is a different story. She keeps pushing the issue, telling me I have to wean before we go ahead, PUSHING.

I imagine many medical providers go with what they already know, rather than being open to latest information and research. I could do with a little less nurse input, I'm consulting the doctor, here, not the nurse!

What are your experiences?

In addition, PGD has come a long way since we first did our IVF 3 years ago. Anyone have experience with PGD? This involves screening the blasts to see which ones are genetically correct. Costs a lot of money!!! But screens out embryos you might otherwise waste time implanting that have no chance of successfully proceeding. In other words, finds the embryos or blasts that have a chance at pregnancy. Also, allows you to put one in at a time with far greater chances of success. This is a biggie for us!

After spending all that money, though, I'm worried about whatever small statistics by which I am decreasing our chances of success by bfing! Round and round we go...

My inclination is to continue nursing, go ahead with the cycle when we are ready, and use PGD as our best odds of success with this.

This is so hard! I'm so glad to read about other people's experiences with the same trying decisions and thoughts. Thanks to all!
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Thanks for the info babymama nursing. Maybe we should make this a sticky? Its important information, which is difficult to come by. (in my experience)

Ill be brief now, but back later to contribute my story. Suffice to say, i was ovulating but had a short luteal phase because of breastfeeding back when i conceived ds2 (now 2). I took progesterone to ensure that i would get past the implantation stage, and sure enough, conceived on my first cycle ttc back then.

Now im ttc again, but not so much luck. I still have a short luteal phase, am still nursing ds2 (and sometimes even ds1)

In any case, i did continue to nurse through my pregnancy.

Back later... :-)
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Yes, and I have been. I breastfeed my almost 11 month old and have been doing IF treatments.
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The only thing my RE had to say about me weaning was "although the drugs you'll need would be safe for nursing, if you're nursing while pregnant, your fetus and your nursing baby will steal all of your nutrition."

Uh huh, yeah. I told them I'm weaning, but I'm really not. That's just absolute garbage!
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Bumping this for my own selfish purposes!

DD is 20 months, and we've got an appointment with the RE at the end of the month to discuss having a second child. DD nurses a lot. But I don't have much supply left, so I think it's mostly comfort nursing. However, she does nurse at least 5 times during the day, although I think we can say that we've successfully nightweaned (except for when she's sick or teething).

We have 4 frozen embryos remaining.
We plan to do a FET with 2 of them as early as December.
I'm already taking BCP to create a cycle, because I don't have a cycle without BCP.

Last time, if I recall, we did a regime of BCP with added prometrium to prepare the lining. We transferred 2 thawed embryos last time, and ended up with a fast BFP that resulted in our brilliant, healthy, miracle little girl.

Anyone new have anything to add? Anyone who posted before have an update?
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I am TTC this month. When I told my current RE I was breastfeeding my 2 1/2 year old DD still, he ordered a prolactin test. When the levels came back normal, he told me that nursing would not interfere so there was no reason to wean. The RE I saw before the one I currently have, wouldn't even work with me unless I weaned, and the one I had while ttc my DD told me that it wouldn't matter as long as I have regular periods and normal length luteal phases. So it all depends on the RE.
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This is great info. We are thinking about starting to TTC #3 and I'm still pumping for my two year old. He took 2.5 years to get after cycle after cycle of meds, eventually did IUI/injections did the trick. I'd like to just go straight into that because I know it worked before, but I was concerned because of BFing. Now I'm encouraged and I'll check into it (although DH isn't as on board as I am, this may freak him out a little!).
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We saw our RE today. Of course he said to wean. Immediately. Yeah, right. Not likely. I am started to slow the nursing even more, and plan to cut out the daytime nursing. I had my bloodwork done today, so we'll see what the prolactin levels are like.
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