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world's longest period (vitex the culprit?)

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so... i'm on day 8 of bleeding (CD 8). Last cycle, i bled for 5 days plus 3 more of spotting. I'm 4 1/2 months post partum. Interestingly, my 2nd PPAF was only 4 days (my pre-pregnancy norm) and with no spotting. why would my cycles be getting more wacky? i'd like to be seeing some progress here, instead of backtracking. I did start taking vitex in the middle of that 2nd PPAF, so these prolonged periods have been since starting that. Could that cause a prolonged period? That is the only real supplement i'm taking besides a women's daily, folic acid, and fish oil. I don't take supp's lightly, but decided to take the vitex based on studies that at higher doses, it can reduce prolactin. I was still leaking some breastmilk, and since prolactin is a progesterone antagonist, i thought it could help regulate my hormones by lowering the prolactin. Maybe I should stop taking it now, since i haven't had any more leaking?

Anyone else have experience with prolonged bleeding, especially associated with vitex??

thanks, guys.
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My only AF w/only vitex was the first one after 100+ days, so I figured it'd be LLLLOOOONNNNGGG and heavy, and it was. I also have PCOS and (before acupuncture/herbs/western meds) AF was usually heavy, long, and erratic. After treatments, I've been 6-7 days with med/light flow... Not much of an answer... sorry.

The scientist in me thinks that one way you could figure out if it's the vitex or not, is to stop it; try a different way of reducing prolactin, if that's something you're still interested in.

Best of luck!

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thanks so much, Rainy!

I know, stopping it is a great idea. But my only hesitation was that everyone talks about how long it takes to build up in the system to really affect fertility (i keep hearing 3 months) and the fact that i'm looking at a symptom (the extended bleeding) that only happens one time per month. So I don't want to stop it if it might be doing me some good in cycle regulation/hormone balancing, but I would like to know if it's the culprit. frustrating!
I appreciate your reply and your thoughts!
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im on my third cycle of vitex, and it is the same for me. my first was 7 days of bleeding with a few days of spotting afterwords. about 10 total

and the last 2 have been 5 days of bleeding with 3-4 days of spotting. but it shortened my cycle by 10 days so its worth it to me.

i dont now if it is coencedental or not. i guess well see when i stop taking it.
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vivica, that is so interesting! i'm glad you shared that. so the vitex helped you to ovulate sooner? I didn't know that was something it helped with- good to know. And that's really interesting that your periods are almost exactly how long mine are. I've never even heard of bleeding this long! I didn't know there was that much endometrial lining in there. It's not a heavy flow, but i'm needing to use a tampon or two a day. good thing i don't tend towards anemia!
thanks again for sharing your experience.
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Rainy is right, the only way to know for sure if it is the Vitex is to stop taking it and see if your bleeding goes away. Vitex works slowly over time, 6-12 months of consistent use to be effective. General suggested dosage is 1000mg a day. Using Vitex takes patience.

Don't know if that helps you, but I hope so!
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No experience with Vitex, but my first PP bleeding after DS1 was when DS1 was 6 months old and I bled (mostly heavily) for two weeks.

Turned out to be pregnant. Don't know why I bled so much, but the baby's fine!
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OP, I took vitex for a couple months 3 years ago but decided to stop because I was getting looong periods - not even periods anymore, just prolonged, light but bright red bleeding. Once I stopped the vitex the bleeding stopped. I have read of this happening to other women too. I think it just isn't the herb for everyone or at least for every problem.
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I went to the doctor after having my period for 3 long months with no end in site... it is what lead to my PCOS diagnosis. Not that I think you have PCOS but if the problem persists it might be worth seeing a doctor about.
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