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Hi everyone!!

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I haven't been around much- dealing with some issues. Anyway- do you want to keep up a thread in the "life with a babe"

I've really enjoyed "chatting" with all of you!
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I would like too! I have really enjoyed having this space and everyone's shared experiences. I don't get on nearly as much as I once did, but I would love to continue to hear about your lives and babes.

I hope your issues clear up soon Dierdre
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I would be up for that.
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Hi Deir!
Really hope you get your issues worked out. (((Hugs)))

I'm in!
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I am in too!
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I'll be there when I can. I love the March 2010 families!
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Yes, seems like I was once on here everyday...but well you ALL know!
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I think that would be awesome.
To be honest, I've kind of been dreading the day when our ddc gets closed. This forum helped me so much throughout my pregnancy and still does.
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Count me in!
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Me, too.
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i cant believe there is a march 2011 board. just crazy. werent we all JUST pregnant?
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Originally Posted by Amandamanda View Post

i cant believe there is a march 2011 board. just crazy. werent we all JUST pregnant?
Tell me about it! My head is spinning
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I'll be there! So grateful for you guys! <3
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I'm in! Like Eleanor, I've been dreading the day I show up and our DDC is closed. Not like I come on all the time anymore, but I like knowing it's here!
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I'm in. Just tell me where
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me too! me too!
I have been thinking lately that it was this time last year when I had just found out that I was pg, and looking up false positive pg tests. I was in disbelief! Now, can't imagine my life without him!
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I'd love to also, though I havn't been around much, I'd like to visit here more often!
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i'll see you all there!
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