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Youtube video: Accidentally unassisted homebirth

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This is so sweet and amazing. I love this video.

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boy, mom sure was quiet! and she seemed a little flat (for lack of a better word). I mean, I am like oh how beautiful, etc. I guess that's just me.
Otherwise, wow!
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It was sweet that it was so quiet and peaceful in there...and sweet to watch the baby rooting on mom's arm. But I sort of felt for the mother, she seems really in shock! I wonder what it was like when dad came back in the bathroom!!
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I can't imagine the state of shock I'd be in. "Um hello... anyone? I just had a freak'n baby..... helllllooooo?"

Secretly I'm kinda like that inside my head even in a room full of people though...
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Her reaction was interesting. I think it's what I would have been like if there hadn't been a room full of people talking and interacting with me and the baby right away. I sure felt a million miles away.

She sure grabbed that baby up fast, and while I kept wishing she'd put the baby to her breast, she did cover up the baby's body to keep it warm, and then once she started rinsing water over its head, I thought everything was ok with her.

I know I'm taking this vignette with me while I birth.
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Can I have a birth like that? And yeah, she does look rather like she's in shock. I wonder who posted the video - mama or papa?
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Just wanted to say it looks like a pretty normal reaction for such a fast labor. I had a 22 hour labor, but the last 45 minutes I went from 6cm to holding baby. In the video I was pretty shocked. I was pale and spacy and couldn't make any decision. I kind of stared at the baby in dismay while everyone else commented on how cute she was. It passed in a few minutes when things hit home, but that feeling really is surreal. When your body experiences that type of pain so quickly there is no time for the release of endorphins. Then by the time the baby is there the endorphins have kicked in but there is no more pain. So the birth high concept is at an extreme, not to mention the fact that there is this little baby in your arms that you're not quite sure where it came from. There isn't really time to process the fact that you're having a baby. All you can really think of is what's happening to you and your body and then...BOOM....there's a baby in your arms.

Toward the end of the video she looks to be coming to. Even from the very beginning she looked concerned with baby. She looked at it before she put it to her chest to make sure it was breathing well. I think she did wonderfully and manged things perfectly on her own. I can't believe what the dads reaction was when he got back upstairs to a baby.
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This is my absolute FAVORITE birth video. I added it to my blog a while ago.


When I have needed inspiration throughout this pregnancy, I flip it on and it makes me smile and cry every time at how beautiful it is.
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That is so amazing! Even my husband, squeamish guy that he is, said an amazed "whoa!" And I think she acted absolutely normally for the situation! She expected to have her midwife or at least her husband there with her when the baby was born, and to have him/her just pop out unaided was totally unexpected. I think it's wonderful how it happened, but I fully understand why she wasn't grinning from ear to ear and latching baby on right away. She keeps glancing at the door to see if anyone -- hellloooo, anyone?! --- is going to come back to see what the heck just happened.

I'll bet they went on to have a perfectly wonderful babymoon just moments later in their own cozy bed, and I'll bet she giggled with nervous, amazed laughter for the rest of the day.
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For a first time birth I say she is having a normal oh my god reaction. The adrenaline that is coursing through you makes you pretty shaky and out of it. I couldn't operate my hands well with my first. Sometimes you just need a moment to compose your self and to an audience it can seem like forever. It took me a few minutes to react to my first born all I could think of was "when will I stop shaking so I don't drop the baby".
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Giving birth is such an intense experience. And right, she wasn't putting on a show, she was just being. So cute how baby was already rooting. We also don't know anything about this woman's life or her story, so who knows exactly what context this occurred for her in.

It was a beautiful peaceful birth though. (I'm contrasting it to my second birth when I ROARRRRED my baby out! )
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I am sure she's just thinking holy sh*t I just had a baby! Very neat they caught it all on video. I too want to know what the dad thought when he came back!
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Oh boy does she look surprised! that was great, thanks for sharing
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