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Davidson Young Scholar

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Our son became a DYS and has got to be in the local newspaper and on a local TV station. I thought I would share. We are very proud of him!

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So cute and smart! Very impressive!
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Very cool. Congrats to your ds!
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Congratulations! What a cool report. I like how friendly and supportive the tone was, not a hint of a whiff of criticism, or of trying to show you up as "hothousing" parents, unlike a lot of media reports of gifted kids. It is interesting though how they focused so much on the one splinter skill of his being able to identify the countries of the world - I am sure there is much more to your son's giftednesss than that, but it did make for good TV!Hope the gifted program at his elementary school serves his needs well, too.
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Congratulations to your son! Thanks for sharing. Also, can I just say, a full-time gifted program starting in 1st grade, that's AMAZING!
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Awesome! Thanks for posting. What kind of "interactive globe" is he using? It looks pretty cool!
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How fun and exciting for him to get into Davidson (and to see himself on TV - I would have loved that as a kid!).

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That's great!
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How cool! Your son is adorable and brilliant.
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Congratulations! I am currently mentoring/working with a Davidson scholar!
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