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cervix PAIN!!!!!!

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Um, being this is the first time I've been pregnant.. is this normal?
It feels pretty painful on and off. A stabbing pain I guess I would say...Like where I kind of need to lean over to feel normal. I can feel a ton of pressure on my cervix right now. I would call my new care provider but its after hours and I haven't even had an appointment with them yet. I don't want to be a paranoid first timer and go to the ER/L&D if its nothing.
I had some before and asked my midwife .. after a bit of runaround I got a noncommital answer : "it sounds like its probably okay" - I don't really feel good enough about that answer though, obviously.
Normal or worth the worry?
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Yes, I have definitely had a stabbing pain in my cervix while pregnant and it's always been fine. I really have no idea what causes it but it's very painful! I'm guessing it has to do with nerve endings....?
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I'm having the same pain more intensely than either of my pregnancies with the boys. Kinda used to it by now, lol.
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(Crashing from new posts) I had that in the last couple months of both pregnancies, mostly after the babies dropped somewhat. It's annoying isn't it.
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Yeah, I've had it. Mostly in the last two pregnancies (not in the first one who actually did come early). I really wouldn't worry about it unless you also begin to have regular cramping sensations (low like menstrual cramps or stronger contractions) or have some bloody show to accompany it. I've never had that feeling in association with early labor. hth!
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Yep, I'm afraid it's totally normal, and it will be with you until that baby pops out.

I have a job where I have to sometimes have to teach hour long classes, and toward the end of my first pregnancy I couldn't do it anymore because it was quite a distraction to bend over every 5 minutes screaming "owwwww!"

It started around 32 weeks this time, though for me it hasn't gotten too terribly bad yet. Like the others said, as long as you haven't been bleeding or getting regular contractions, I'd say it's just a normal part of the later stage of pregnancy.
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Yeap, completely normal. Like AmyKT, I teach basically full time and frequently get the cervix punch.
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I've had it a couple times lately, too. I usually lie down for a while and that helps. I always efface/dilate a lot ahead of time and I'm 34 weeks so no surprise there (I was 3cm from 36-37 weeks on with my first, and 2cm by this point and 5cm by 37 weeks with my second). Both my sons were born <1 week before my due date.
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no cervix pain here but pubic bone pain, which feels like i got punched right on the bone. i wonder if kegels do any good for that pain for you?
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