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I have a few ideas. First, include a link to your blog in your signature. Make it easy for people to find you. Sure, they can click on your username if they happen to know it's available there but what if they don't? This isn't true in your case but I have to wonder about some people. They make it so difficult that their approach is closer to hosting an IQ test than marketing their site. I encourage everyone to read Steve Krug's book, Don't Make Me Think.

Mention the topic of your blog in your content. I went out of curiousity but would have gone more quickly if I'd known it was about sewing. I sew and fancy myself quite the authority so I have to -naturally- go see everyone else's sewing blogs .

Reconsider a site redesign. The text in the sidebars are lost in the leaf print. Again, do you want people to explore your content or are you testing visitor's pattern recognition abilities? This is particularly important on sites with project photography. The prints of fabrics are forced to compete for eyeball bandwidth and the comparison of the varying color schemes can be jarring. Your background should compliment anything you post, not compete with it. Less is more.

Outreach: connect with others in your niche. Like attracts like.

If you're going to do reviews, consider comparison reviews. Be careful to select worthy items, it's disingenous to select an inexpensive cheap machine of a different price category to compare with Janome in an attempt to make it look better by comparison. I'm not suggesting you do that, I didn't read enough to know but the point is, qualify your opinions. In asserting "that everyone knows Janome is the best quality machine on the market", what are your points of comparison? There are lots of excellent machines on the market made by varying brands. It's a matter of broadening your perspective. My favorite brands are not commonly known even among sewists. Fwiw, Adler is considered to be the best by professionals, then Juki/Brother, Merrow is great too and Reliable is quickly catching up. Siruba is an up and coming brand, my next purchase will be one of theirs. It's an exciting world out there. Find out about it and tell others on your site who don't have acccess to this information.

Your site is written conversationally, it's friendly, generous and companionable. You cite your sources (good show!) and link to them. Yours is the perfect grounding for building a growing site. And that is what matters most.
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Excellent suggestions!

On adding links to signatures ~ those require a Paid Membership. Detailed information on those is in My MDC FAQ for anyone interested. I also have quick links to the signature rules, etc if they'll help!
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Thanks for your suggestions, Kathleen.
I did have some stuff in there specifically comparing Janome to other machies I have used. I said some stuff about the craptastic brand I started with and also about Singer, who has a strong reputation and used to make good machines, but does not anymore. Then I read some stuff about defamation suits and felt bad for "talking bad" about specific brands, and edited that out and just referred to "poorly designed machines."

Anyway, thanks again for your help. I am going to see what I can do about darkening the text in my sidebars. I am going to give some thought to changing the background; I really like the vines and thought it did a good deal to bridge the gap between my two topics (sewing and growing), and so I am not ready to change that without thinking about it a good deal first. But I am considering it!
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and, I love your site, Kathleen. What a fabulous resource!
I want to read your book. I am on a strict spending freeze right now, or I would have ordered it immediately; I am certain I will be reading it later, though.

Thanks again for your suggestions. I appreciate your help!
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I only just started blogging. Right now I'm trying to get the word out via twitter and facebook.
With twitter, I just find appropriate people/companies to 'follow' and hope that people will start to 'follow' me. Once they do, they'll start to see my tweets with my blog url.
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I think everyone's right that posting on other blogs is pretty much the main way to get followers...or hits. When I first started my blog, I went crazy posting comments on every blog I even slightly liked. I got a ton of followers right away, but not very many comments.

Now, I'm a bit pickier about what blogs I post my comments to meaning that our blogs normally share some very obvious thing in common...making it more likely that if THAT blogger comes to my page he or she will leave a comment as well as follow.

Pictures are super key!...no one wants to read about crafts or children or anything really on blogs without pictures, but keep in mind that poorly taken photographs will only HURT your blog. Pictures are also great at getting a comment conversation going since people can post a comment or question that might not exactly fit your post without feeling weird.

Also, make sure your layout is fresh and clean-cut. When I visit a blog, I like to see everything laid out for me as easily as possible.

Great job so far!
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Oh, I forgot to mention...there was a nifty widget that you could put on your sidebar that kept track of who commented on your blog and would post the top 5...I had it on my sight for a while, and I think people really liked it because the more they commented on your site, the more advertisement their own site and your top posts got right on your front page! I can't think of the name of it right now, but you might be able to search for it.
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