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Hey everyone, I haven't been on much since if I sit up or stand up I throw up 90% of the time. Ive had to station a bucket by the bed because sometimes making it all the way to the bathroom isn't going to happen.
DH is gone right now, he left for training on Tuesday and will be gone for 3-6 weeks... So not only do I get to deal with horrible morning sickness I get to take care of two kids. Love them but they would try a saint. They are wonderful next minute, I turn my back to do something and come back and they have flooded the bedroom or bathroom (they have done it 4 times in the last 3 days, Im officially out of dry towels and blankets because they have been used to mop up messes). THey are lucky they are so darn cute.. Actually, I love them and wouldn't trade them for the world although sometimes I wish they didn't know how to turn on the shower!

As for baby showers, my first baby I had a huge one with all sorts of friends. Probably over 50 people were there, it was a lot of fun. I was a nursery teacher for our church at the time (I taught 18mo-3yos, there was 24-34 of them in my class at any given time) so their parents came along with other church members, work friends, the wives of work friends, old high school friends that couldn't believe I was actually having a kid (ok, when I was in high school I was voted least likely to ever get married and have children, I was well known for my dislike of commitment and children) and a few other random stragglers. No family since they all lived to far away. I had the shower when I was 38 weeks 5 days pregnant, my daughter was born the following Monday. It was a ton of fun but I wouldn't do that again since it was just to much pressure on me that far in my pregnancy, I had false contractions the entire shower since I was so stressed by all the people. With my second the ladies from church (different congregation than before) insisted on throwing me another shower even though I kept saying no. I finally gave in because I was tired of arguing about it. It was pointless because someone decided to make it a "diaper shower" which meant I got about 50 packages of disposable diapers that I don't use (I use cloth) that I ended up having to get rid of. The only good part is it was fun to met with those ladies who were leaving the island shortly after the baby was born.
This child, no way Im having a shower. Ill have a baby welcoming party though. Invite our close personal friends and family to come over for a BBQ and to met the baby a couple weeks after delivery. No gifts, no games, none of that, just a good time with good friends. I do want all my children to be celebrated but I don't want the gifts, trust me no one really gives you what you need they give you what they want to give you. I was probably given over 30 handmade blankets for my first child and almost 100 0-3 month outfits.. trust me no kid needs that much stuff. I guess Im a kill joy with baby items since I find a lot of the stuff useless or against my tastes.
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