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He's Here!

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Iain James Gideon was born on June 17th at 6:41 p.m. He was even bigger than we thought, 10 lbs, 2 oz but the fantastic thing was that I went in for a scheduled induction and started labour when we arrived at the hospital. They wanted me to supplement because of his size but when his sugars were perfect and continued to be, we won that battle. I am VERY proud of myself!!! I will share more later. Congrats to everyone who has had a safe arrival!
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Yay! Glad to see you avoided the induction!
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Great news! Welcome to Iain!
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Awesome! Looking forward to hearing more. Rest up!
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Congrats mama!!
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Way to go, mama!!!!!!
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Congratulations! I love his name. We have an Iain David. Iain James was on the list! It's wonderful to see the same spelling - which is far more unique than we originally believed!
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Yay..Congrats on the new babe AND things going your way!! Looking forward to hearing more about how things went!
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