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Child with fever, when do YOU see the doc?

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My daughter started complaining yesterday of a sore throat. She's mentioned it on and off, but nothing big. She was running a fever and uncomfortable so I gave her Motrin which she threw up. Her fever eventually hit 103.6 so I called her ped office and talked to the nurse on call. She said keep giving Motrin and take her to the ER if she stopped eating/drinking, going to the bathroom, or if her fever hit 105. We gave her Motrin again and her fever came down.

She had a fever when she woke up (103.6 again) so I gave her another dose of Motrin (I don't medicate for EVERY fever but over 102 kind of scares me) and it came down. It went up again about seven hours later so I gave her another dose. It is currently sitting around 102.

My question is this - should I just go ahead and take her to an after hours clinic? Or wait till tomorrow and call her ped?

In the past, I was not so uptight about every little thing but she's had a rough eight months or so. Last fall she started falling and eventually couldn't walk so she's now on Carbamazpine and Senimet (sp?). She was never really sick before that but she's just had one thing after another (I think it's because she was at the doctor so often during cold and flu season and apparently well waiting is a joke). She's been fine for at least a few months (other than the thing with her walking, which is still improving. Anyway, not related to her being sick). I'm just really worried about letting anything get out of hand because when she gets run down, her walking kind of falls apart.

Honestly, I will probably take her to see her ped tomorrow (I really love her ped, he does not over medicate and has often taken a "let's wait and see" attitude on minor things without making me feel like a hysterical first time mom) anyway, what I'm wondering is at what point would you decide ok, this can't wait, we're going to the ER (or walk in urgent care, which closes at six today. Do children ever get sick like, mid-morning on a Tuesday?).
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"WE" do not give Tylenol or Motrin at all in our home for fevers.

My 14yr old was sick a couple weeks ago. He had the flu, crazy fever and vomiting. I did give him one IB (adult) for his horrific headache and neck pain, NOT FOR THE FEVER.

I have no clue just how high his fever was at any given time, never took his temp. I would venture to say it was well into being 103-104 or even more, he sure was ON FIRE!!!

In fact, I could not even begin to tell you where a thermometer in this house would be!!!!

Our 2yr old has been only to the pedi for a referral for her Cardio apts and once at 12m for a physical.
We do not do monthly apts, NO 'well baby checks'

Our 5yr old has only been to the pedi for her yearly physical to get into PreK and again for getting into KG for the fall year.

My 14yr old has (in the past four years) been to the pedi for his yearly physicals required by the school and also ONE other time for his mouth ulcers. He has severe ulcers in his mouth any time he gets frustrated/upset/stressed.

So, to answer your OQ, I would not take my child into the DR/ER/OP for a fever. In the event that this said fever lasted more than 3+ days, I would reconsider if none of our homeopathic remedies produced any difference in the sickness.
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The only time I've ever taken either of my boys in for a 'sick visit' was when ds2 was 2 wks old and had a fever above 101 or something... turned out he had a uti (but at 2wks a fever could mean, literally *anything* and theres really no way to tell w/o doing lots of tests. So, let me assure you. a 2 wk old in the ER? NO FUN!!!). DS1 didn't see a doc between 9 months and 3 yrs - he was never sick enough to warrant a visit But I had a 'well visit' of sorts w/ ds2's ped (who I like... after our old family doc stopped see kids under 7!!), just as a 'meet'n greet' so's if he did happen to get sick enough I had somewheres to, you know, take him
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Her fever went up to 105.7 so we went to urgent care. She has mono. I know some people don't go to the doctor for fever or take temps but at a certain point, you're in seizure territory and I'm just not comfortable with that.
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I'm so glad you took her in. Honestly, I don't rush my kids to the dr for fevers because my oldest has often gotten 4 day long fevers with no other symptoms and they just go away after 4 days. I typically do give meds for a fever over 102 but my homeopath has been working with me on waiting out the fever and honestly, last time I did that, it worked-the fever was way shorter than normal. BUT, any child that has extenuating circumstances like your daughter, I'd be less inclined to wait it out. My friend always takes her boys in right away but every time they have something that needs treated (seriously). Mine typically only have viruses that don't need treated. I really think some families just are more prone to certain symptoms or illnesses-always follow your gut instint!
I hope she feels better soon-mono sounds scary to me.
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I was going to suggest taking her. I'm glad you did.
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I am not one to give medication or go to the doctors when my kids have fevers...my middle girls spikes then quickly and they go high 103 ish. Just like mine always did as a child. She drinks some and sleeps a lot, my oldest spikes them slower and they don't go as high but he is usually moaning and groaning with only maybe a fever of 100. The respond totally different to fevers.

I think a lot of your decision needs to be based upon your own child and how they are feeling acting, and whether or not it is normal/typical for them (of course there is a first time for everything) You did the right thing mama, 105 is high.

I hope she gets better soon!
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you may want to look into natural fever reducers (many work faster than drugs anyway) for next time- we don't do meds here either
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Thanks, guys. That was just way WAY over my "wait it out" comfort zone.

I'll add "natural fever reducers" to my google list for today. The other thing I need to do is figure out how to pump up this kids immune system. She seems to get everything that she comes in contact with (just like her dad, so we are on standby for mono case number two).
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Originally Posted by serenbat View Post
you may want to look into natural fever reducers (many work faster than drugs anyway) for next time- we don't do meds here either
One thing I know of that will drop a fever like crazy is a tsp of vinegar... yeah, sounds waaay nasty, but it works.

The biggest reason we do not use OTC meds to 'reduce' fevers:
Fevers are produced by the body for one reason... TO FIGHT OFF INFECTION. when you reduce the fever, you reduce the body from fighting and curing itself.

Also, it is not so much 'fevers that cause seizures' it is the bringing them down-spike up-bringing them down-spike up, etc that causes a seizure!!!
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The biggest reason we do not use OTC meds to 'reduce' fevers:
Fevers are produced by the body for one reason... TO FIGHT OFF INFECTION. when you reduce the fever, you reduce the body from fighting and curing itself.
SHAME!!! more don't feel that way

when it does need to drop- we use raw egg whites on the feet (goes down really quick)
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the height of the fever does not correlate with how sick the child is. also, a virus or bacterial illness that produces a fever will not cause a seizure. check out the book "how to raise a healthy child in spite of your doctor".
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A fever alone would not bring me to a doctor, unless it was a recurring fever with no other symptoms that came back repeatedly over time. That can be a symptom of more serious problems.

What would bring me to a doctor is a child with fever who also had other worrying symptoms that seemed to me like they might indicate something that needed treatment. Like extreme lethargy, for example, or severe abdominal pain that doesn't seem to be a stomach virus, a lot of difficulty breathing, or a stiff neck. I would look at the child, not the number on the thermometer.

I do medicate fevers, for two reasons. One, to be able to observe the child with the fever lowered-- a child who bounces back and looks better once the fever comes down can't be all that sick, while a child who still looks like hell even without the fever is probably in need of attention. The second reason is if a child is very uncomfortable or having trouble sleeping. There's no reason the child has to be so miserable when I can help the problem. Even our ancient ancestors used herbal treatments to lower fever.
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