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I was admitted at 8 p.m. She was born around 11 p.m. We left at 2 p.m. the next day. We could have left that morning, but the nurses "forgot" to let her ped know that she had been born. Both her ped and my ob saw no reason to make us stay. The main reason I wanted to leave was because of all of the BAD breastfeeding "support" I was getting... and this was with a baby who latched right away and was having no trouble breastfeeding.
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I was there a little less than 48 hours. I had her Sunday night and left daly Tue afternoon. It was plenty of time, I couldn't wait to go home.
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I stay 48 although have the option of leaving at 24 without a 'fight'.
fact of the matter is, even with the interruptions for vitals and assessments etc...I get more rest in the hospital than I do at home.
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Before I gave birth I got the o.k. from my doctor to be released at 24 hours if it was an uneventful birth. And then the birth happened and it totally changed all my plans! I ended up going to the hopsital very early Monday morning, didn't deliver until late Monday night and at that point my doctor and I both agreed it would be best to not be released until Wednesday. It was that long before I could get out of bed without fainting to be honest but I ended up losing a lot of blood during a difficult delivery among other things. DS also has some respiratory problems so even when he was out of the special care they had him in the first 24 hours it was nice to still have that reassurance of being there. And I didn't really appreciate it until I got home being a first time mom but it was so nice to have some help with the baby so I could get a little sleep and try and recover. I had planned on rooming in and we did the most part but I got to the point I just needed to get a few hours of sleep so they took him into the nursery and brought him to me to breastfeed as needed. Never appreciated how nice that was until after I got home and had a colicky baby!
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I left six hours after the birth of my first dd. It would have been sooner but they had to see proof that she was peeing before we could leave.

I spent the whole three days in the hospital with the next two (including the births). There were funky circumstances (not medical) in each case that just kind of made that stay necessary. I don't love the hospital, but since I was stuck there anyways I did enjoy my time to rest and having meals brought to me. Though I'm mean and bossy in the hospital and I kind of do what I want, and I think that's helped me to have "good" experiences. I walk when I want to, I pee alone, I co-sleep with my babies, etc.
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With both deliveries I stayed the 48 hours, I wanted to go home a bit earlier, but not by much. I enjoyed most of the stay, ordering food off the menu, they even brought food for my dh, had trouble with my daughter latching and the lactation consultant visited me a few times to help me out which was great. Plus with me in bed, my mom and dh changed all the dirty diapers . My mom kept joking that the hospital stay is the most expensive hotel stay ever.

I think with this baby, I am going to ask my dr about staying only 24 hours, I have two kids at home and would like to be with them.

I think you should talk to your doctor about what sort of flexibility you have and go in with an open mind.
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3 hours. Delivery room to car.
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I ended up with a csection, early Tuesday morning and we were out (with some kicking and screaming) by Thursday morning. It was HORRIBLE. We were exhausted from a 4 day labor and the nurses kept coming in every few hours round the clock to wake me up, check my vitals and find out when DS last nursed. Not to mention the horrible LC and the fact that the nurses didn't want DS sleeping with either one of us and kept trying to take him to the nursery.

Ugh. It was awful and we're HBAC-ing this time, I can't wait to climb into my own bed with my brand new baby.
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I stayed the whole 48 with my oldest. It was ok. I liked getting meals brought to me and that hospital was alright (the nurses and LC's werent fantastic with breastfeeding advice, though)

With my second I had planned a homebirth, but after 7 days of early labor, decided to go to the hospital. This time I had to go to one 30 minutes away because I had a marginal previa and my hospital was Community and did not handle placentas less than 2 cm away from the opening. I had a pretty easy birth and was very happy with the experience. HOWEVER, as soon as they turned me over to postpartum, HOLD ON. It was a nightmare. The nurses were busy bodies, they didnt understand the word NO, they kept coming in and waking me while me and baby were asleep because she was in bed with me and I was going to suffocate her. They were always trying to check my pads or stick me or probe us, vaccinate or bathe her. NO THANKS. Checked out about 36 hours in. NO THANKS.

This time, I will be checking out hours after any future births barring any complications, heck, I might just not go and have the baby at home on accident.
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wow... i had an unplanned c birth and was there for 5 days and even then had to beg them to let me go.
however, i didn't really want to go home any earlier b/c we had a horribly difficult time with breastfeeding, and i NEEDED all the lactation nurse help i could get. i imagine it's different with a second child too.
just a few days ago, though, my friend just had a baby in hospital and left the same day. i was impressed and amazed.
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I stayed two days with my first because I had no idea what to do with a newborn, and it was nice to have all the help, and my husband stayed with me a lot, and I didn't feel the need to get home.

I only stayed one day after my second because I wanted to get home to my oldest ASAP.
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I stayed three nights, four if you count the night I was in labor. I ended up with a c-section.

I must be in the minority because I enjoyed laying in bed while other people brought me food and cleaned up the blood. I think it all depends on the nursing care. My postpardum nurses were wonderful. They did come in to check vitals but they left the lights dim and were super quiet. Most of the time, I didn't know they were there until they were almost done. At the end my doc gave me the option to stay another night or leave and I was ready to go, but I didn't have a bad experience at all.

Thank goodness because the birth was very traumatic.
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3 c-sections here:

#1--36 hours
#2--42 hours
#3--48 hours

With #4, I might stay 72 hours. Obviously, the amount I enjoy the hospital increases with each baby. Perhaps cause I know that I'm going home to "no--let MMMMEEEEEEEEEE see the baby next!!! No!! I want more peanut butter sandwich!!!!! Mammmmmaaaaaaa, I'm hooooooongry!!"

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My son was born at about 3am on Wednesday. Natural childbirth. We left the hospital around 11 am on Thursday.

I originally had wanted to go home right away, but in retrospect it was good not to be in a rush to get home. We had some issues with nursing and the extra hours at the hospital really helped.

There are some annoying parts about being in the hospital - such as people always barging in your room to take your blood pressure, etc. - but overall it's not too bad.
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With my first, we checked in about 2 in the morning and left the next day around noon.

With my youngest, we checked in around 2 in the morning again and left at 7 that evening. The doc and the ped signed us out and everything was fine.

I probably wouldn't have signed out AMA if they hadn't wanted me to leave.
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I forgot, I had to stay 4 days after dd2 (c/s) because I didn't know when my water had broken (hbac transfer, I had been in the tub most of the time) and they wanted to make sure I didn't have an infection. It was fine with me though, because I had to leave without her since she was in the NICU and wasn't breastfeeding yet (They give free rooms to NICU moms who's babies are nursing).
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12 hours from sign in to sign out, we had it planned ahead with our ped and brought our baby back at 2 days for the PKU test. We would have left a few hours earlier but it took forever for them to discharge us.....they were busy that day.

ETA - Oh and the hospital forgot to bring us lunch the day we were there. Totally forgot....I was starving....
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26 hours. It would have been 24, but we had to wait for a blood draw for DD and that took forever. My doctor really wanted us to stay 48 so I could rest (why do doctors think people actually rest in hospitals??), but since everything was fine she was ok with me going home after 24. If we weren't planning a home birth for this kid I wouldn't stay that long. I sleep so much better at home.
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We could have stayed 48 hours but they allowed us to leave after 24. I really didn't like being there- the room was TINY, nurses and lots of "paperwork people" were literally lined up outside our door the day we were leaving. It was stressful and we had like no time to just be still. But I will say, it was our first and we had a million questions for the nurses and it was nice to push a button and have someone come answer your questions for you. We had no one to help like that once we got home. But you always have these forums! I guess I didn't know about these then!
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I was glad to have 48 hours the first time. #1 -- DH and I were complete newbies and pretty terrifiied of taking the tiny bundle home with us. #2 -- I had a straightforward fairly quick natural birth, but I bled a lot and was quite dizzy for a few days. Also, I had a second degree tear and needed to heal up a bit. But I think it was rough on DH not having a very comfortable bed, and we were disturbed by nurses all the time, so if things go a little better this time, I might consider going home earlier, if they'll "let" me. I haven't checked. I really don't mind staying two days if it's necessary.
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