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A Favor

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Within the next couple weeks, I will be taping a few NPR radio shows: pilots for a regular weekly series with an emphasis on BF, AP, Family Bed, vaccine alternatives,. homeopathy and the way we here view medical care and parenting and more.

I would like some "call-in" questions.

These will be taped show initially so the producer will take your number, arrange a pre-set time and call you.

Mary Beth at MBK@well.com is handling this and I'd appreciate your spreading the word and emailing her.

Thank you!

Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP, IBCLC
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Great !!!!!!! And , its great to have you here! I hope you will join in often
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Thank you!

I apologize if my posting broke website rules.

Kinda' new at this.

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Dr. Gordon! Stick around here long enough and your ears will be burning - you're cited quite frequently on the Family Bed and Breastfeeding fora.

I'm looking forward to your NPR shows.
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Welcome Jay! We are so glad to have you amongst us!! We look forward to seeing you around and I think you'll find plenty of responses to your request.
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Wow, a celebrity!

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Welcome to the boards.
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Thank you

I have to tell you, this is really lovely.

In response to other posts, I am quite certain that this is really me. I will check my ID and make sure.





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Beautiful pictures, Jamie.

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I am so happy Dr Gordon! The more information we can get out there the better, especially from an MD!
I hope the show will take Canadian callers.

Nice to have you here.

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I'm curious what kind of questions you are looking for. I've always got questions, but they aren't always related to AP.

(little gushing here, you're web site is one of my favorites)

to the board, stay a while, take your coat off.
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Re: Thank you

Originally posted by Jay Gordon, MD

In response to other posts, I am quite certain that this is really me. I will check my ID and make sure.

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How exciting!

Welcome to MDC!

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Thank you!

I just taped a little this morning and am really excited now.

We took a couple practice phone calls and I had a lot of fun.

I am getting clobbered in a couple of other places on MDC and will accept at least a little gushing.

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Hi Dr. Jay!

I just emailed Mary Beth and sent in a question about diet and what to feed the family that is safe. My concern being mainly the toxic levels in fish.

I hope I get chosen as Im curious what your answer might be. And I think your views on some of the more controversial issues are right on!

THank you!
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As you've probably gathered, MDC is a place with a lot of outspoken posters with strong opinions. (I'm one of them!) I hope you won't get scared off. This really is a great place, and a safe haven away from the mainstream for some not-so-mainstream issues. You've run into some passionate advocates for some of the causes here, like anti-circ, anti-vax, etc. but there are plenty of mamas here who circ and/or vax and/or formula feed; it's a big community.

If Dr. Sears came here, he'd have to don an asbestos suit in breastfeeding - many mamas aren't too happy with him about his links to formula ads on his website! He'd probably get a similar welcome from the intactivists as well. I guess we all want our heroes to agree with us 100% on every issue we feel so strongly about.
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I've really appreciated your contributions in many areas. Glad you've joined us here! Don't mind our... um, directness. It's a good thing, usually.
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