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What prenatals are you taking?

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So... I am looking for a good prenatal that digests easily. I had a sample of 3 Rainbow Light's prenatals, and I took those in the 2ww, and loved them, but they have red raspberry leaf in them, and with my history of miscarriages, I'm just not comfortable taking them right now. I'm looking for something similar (whole foodish or natural) or something that would be easier on the digestive system that won't be 6 pills a day - I'm hoping for one pill/day I know once the m/s hits, taking pills is really hard for me, but I can choke down 1 at night.

So what are you all taking and do you like them?
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If you are looking for something easy on the digestion, I'd go for a liquid vitamin. I haven't taken a liquid multi-vitamin in a long time but I am taking liquid iron called Floradix at the moment to prep for the increased demand in the second semester. I'm also taking omega 3's by Nordic Naturals. They make chewable omega 3's so if taking large pills is a problem they might be a good solution.
I would just stop by a local vitamin or health store and ask about their liquid vitamins. Just make sure you are getting enough folic acid and B vitamins and not too much vitamin C.
Hope that helps a little.
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I use Natrol's Prenatal because, back when the FDA released that 'lead in vitamins' study, Natrol's children's tested lead free and their prenatal had the lowest detectable amount of lead. I also like that they seem to dissolve really well and don't upset the stomach and the kids do really well with the liquid. I really trust the company and since they had the lowest and also were one of the only ones with no lead, it really makes me feel comfy on how they get their minerals and vitamins.
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You should try New Chapter Perfect Prenatal. It's whole food based and I just was on the website and it doesn't have red raspberry leaf. It's a great prenatal. I switched to it from the Rainbow Light one w/my first baby. You only have to take 3 once a day so it's not so bad.

They are kind of expensive but you can buy them on Amazon.com for pretty cheap ( and get cheaper as you buy their bigger bottles, they even have a 'trimester' bottle): http://www.amazon.com/New-Chapter-Pe...7079298&sr=8-1

Here's the website link: http://www.newchapter.com/products/perfect-prenatal
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New Chapters are great, too! I have a bottle of those that I use now and then as well. no issues!
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I was taking Rainbow Light ones but my kidneys hurt to the point that I could not lay on my side. My dr. has me taking 2 chewable Flinstones a day.
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This one?


It's only 40 bucks here, and my friend has a referral code (HOB764 if you want, I'm sure she will appreciate it!) that will get you 5 bucks off of first order.
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I am a big baby....LOL. I am taking a gummy prenatal vitamin. It is by VitaFusion and I got it at Target. I have always had trouble with Prenatal vitamins, but this one works well for me. Loving the taste of them too...yes I am a dork
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I have trouble with prenatals mostly because the iron content backs me up. I figure if it's doing that I'm not absorbing it anyway, so after spending the better part of an hour examining labels, I'm taking a store-brand general multivitamin instead. It's got less iron (but still quite a bit), and just as much folic acid, etc. More of some things.

I take a chocolate chew calcium/D vitamin, too, just for good measure.
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In the past I've taken Rainbow Light, but this time I'm taking Vitafusion's gummy prenatals since I find them easier to keep down...in the past I've gotten really bad morning sickness beginning around 6-7 weeks, and swallowing pills while pregnant makes me gag!
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Originally Posted by burg View Post
My dr. has me taking 2 chewable Flinstones a day.
I take Flintsones, too. But, I just do one of the Flintstone Complete plus an extra 400 mcg of folic acid. I can't tolerate the amount of iron in normal prenatals...not even every other day. The iron stops me up bad.
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My midwife suggested taking flintstone and B6 vitamin.

I'm currently taking Woman's one a day prenatal vitamins pack (2 bottles) and I love it.
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I buy New Chapter here: http://www.amazon.com/New-Chapter-Pe...f=pd_sim_hpc_2. I like them a lot and they tested very low for lead in that FDA study. It is whole foods based which I like a lot and it has folate instead of folic acid.
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I also like the New Chapter Perfect Prenatal, because they are small and don't smell too vitamin-y, so they're easy for me. I haven't noticed much stomach upset with them, but my stomach is upset all day every day right now, so if they were causing any, I wouldn't notice .

I take Floradix as well, when I remember, because it has lots of B vitamins and iron. I also take a separate calc-mag because the New Chapters don't contain calc-mag.

My OB highly recommends fish oil for positive effects in mom and baby - I've noticed some big changes in my mood since starting to take 1.8 g/day of EPA. I'm more stable, less depressed, generally better able to deal with things. It's fantastic! My OB also recommends doing at least 1000 iu/day of vitamin D.

Jeez, that's quite the regimen, when I look at it written out!!
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I love my prenatal! I take the Super Nutrition Simply One prenatal. I like that it has folate instead of folic acid. I like that I only have to take one and it doesn't upset my stomach at all.


I also take Metanx which is a B vitamin/folate supplement. I have so much energy and just a little nausea which is nice.

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I took perfect prenatal with my dd, but it caused my blood sugar to drop and made me feel horrible. My MW didn't understand why it would do that, but I took it numerous times and it stopped happening when I stopped taking it.

I'm taking the 6/day rainbow lights now.
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I'm taking Rainbow Light One Prenatal and Nordic Naturals fish oil caps. No complaints about either.
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