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Ibraheem is TEETHING!
He cried tonight. He NEVER cries.
He cried for an hour and a half. We gave him some gripe water and he settled down enogh to nurse to sleep.

I feel what I think is a tooth on the right side of his mouth.

Poor bubkins

Hes been drooling and chewing on his hand and blowing bubbles for weeks.
Finally somethings coming through.
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Oh congrat's to him on cutting his first tooth!
My little Mama has been doing the chewing drooling thing now too.
I wonder if a tooth for her is not far behind.
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Mine too. Nothing coming through yet, but all the signs are there. I'm kind of shocked, because DD was definitely later, and our moms claim DH and I were too. Guess I should buy that teething necklace sooner than later.
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DS got his first tooth a couple days ago. I totally dismissed all the signs because dd didn't get her first until 6 months and I had spent three months before that expecting see one any day!
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I think my son's teething too! He'll be four months July 11th. He's been drooling a lot and has been unusually fussy. I can't believe we're already at this stage. It goes by so fast.
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My wee one, ( also turning 4 months July 11th) appears to be in the early stages of teething. He is getting drooly and everything is just beginning to go to his mouth. No fussiness yet.

How exciting!!
Elizabeth in NC
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