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3 weeks old and still struggling

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My poor poor nipples. They are so cracked and bleeding. My midwife has me using nipple shields now to give the poor nips a break.

I hope this works because I have been bawling every feed in pain.

I just don't understand how his latch can be good, I have a good supply and we have this problem.

Send me healing ladies.
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His latch probably is NOT good.

Have you seen an LC? Please go see one. Also, lanolin helps the injured nipples heal.

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3 different midwives/LC have said how good the latch is.

He did 'shark attack' my one breast a while ago (the most injured boob) and my midwife suspects that his feeding on demand got to be so excessive that my nipples just won't heal...thus the shields.

But things are looking up. I fed with minimal pain this evening using the shield. Hope this keep up.
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has his tongue been checked?
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be careful with the nipple sheild. my oldest ds would not latch back on to me. I would get him checked for tougue tied. put lanolin on your nipples to help them heal. both my boys had there furenulem clipped. and with dd I had severe cracked and bleeding nipples. I would phone LLL in your area. with dd I had to do mouth exercises with her to get her to latch properly after 6 weeks of thinking she had a good latch. it was not, because my nipples were so painful. not wearing a shirt or bra helps them to heal. and get them out in the sun if you can just for a few minutes. don't want to burn them.

it will get better, it doesn't seem like it at this monment but your baby is worth all the struggling to nurse. I wouldn't have changed my nursing with my babies for anything. even with all its struggles, I think it made me not take it for granted that every mom can nurse, and I cherished our relationship so much more because I had to fight and work hard to keep it.

but somedays I felt like giving up, I know its not easy.

please keep us up dated.

healing vibes sent your way.
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I agree you may need to get another opinion. Perhaps we can help you find who the best person in you area is...? I hope you have found your fix but if not post back and maybe we can help!
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Yeah - I'd definitely get his tongue checked out.
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My heart is breaking for your broken nipples, but I am praying things get better for you! I'm rooting for you, your n00b, and your b00b.
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All-purpose nipple ointment helped (is helping!) me a lot more than lanolin (though you can stir lanolin in to make it more soothing, if you want). Mix together equal parts neosporin, lotramin, and hydrocortizone ointment on a piece of wax paper, put it on your nipples with a q-tip after each feeding.

I've also been taking a low dose of ibuprofen three or four times a day.

Corysmilk, what kind of mouth exercises? I suspect my 4wo and I don't have a good latch, either, even though we've been told it's good, too.

Oh, I hope you feel better soon.
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For the exercises, you can do this with your finger, a clean, upturned pinky into the mouth, feel right back to the divide between the hard and soft palate, let the baby suck on the finger and gently pull the finger slightly out of the mouth and try to let the baby suck it back into the mouth again, you can do this several times, you can also do this with a bottle or dummy although personally i like to be able to feel where my finger is in the baby' mouth and not guess - but then it's what you prefer, other exercises are things like sticking your tongue out; lifting it up showing baby all the time and let baby copy - you'll notice it works but in much less movement so the more exaggerated your movement is the better. HTH
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I was in the exact same boat at three weeks. With the all purpose nipple ointment and the nipple shield I was able heal and now at five weeks nursing is a pleasure (rather than a dreaded cry-a-thon) and we are weaning off the shield. Just wanted to let you know that things can turn around quickly. Good luck!!
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the exercises were taught to me by a LLL, they were supposed to restimulate the rooting reflex. they were very step by step. I would phone a le Lechue leauge mom/leader. I would hate to give advice for something that I did 12 almost 13 years ago and get it wrong. especaily if your having troubles.
sorry about the spelling, am in a hurrry
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So, nips are healing and today I did one feed without the shields to start weaning him off. The feed went well. Very little pain on my left breast and about the same amount of pain as I would have using the shield on my right breast.

One thing I'm modifying, is that I'm trying to avoid using the "bulls-eye" latching technique and instead I'm using the one where the nipple is facing up. I definitely have less pain this way.

I have already seen 3 LC who are also midwives. I have no idea who else I would go and see. I'll see how I feel with weaning him off. If it gets worse again, I'll have to figure out something else...but I am a little restricted given where I live.

Thanks ladies for your encouragement and healing energy!
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Have you got a good breastfeeding pillow? I had one called the milkbar and for the first few months it went everywhere with me. I found it helped hold bub in the right position cause it was awkward trying to hold him and keep him latched on and the pillow kept him stable. Also my midwife had me alternating positions at each feed so the pressure wasn't on any one spot - we'd sit, lie, football hold, under the arm etc. Other than that pure lanolin, exposing nipples to air after each feed and persistence. Successful breastfeeding IMO is the result of hard work, determination, determination and determination. It gets better. My bub is 1 now and we've survived a whole year of demand feeding, 8 teeth and feeding acrobatics. Kellymom and laleche are encouraging websites that have helped me. The first 2 months were def hard. hang in there
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DS doesn't open his mouth wide enough for the shield these days but has a HUGE mouth for the breast. I'm finding that it is less painful to feed him without the shield! So I've increased my breast feeds astronomically and I'm trying to avoid the shield altogether.

I totally get how you need determination to breastfeed...especially if everything isn't easy.
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