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Installed the Carseat today!!

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Well, technically yesterday now (since I'm up in the middle of the morning unable to go back to sleep, and posting). MIL bought the carseat for us a few weeks ago & it's been sitting in the LR. We're hoping not to need it for a while (planning a HB), but better safe than sorry. Plus, now it's out of my LR. It looks so official & makes me think maybe this babe WILL be born soon!! And, it's good for me & DS to get used to the fact that he now HAS TO get in/out on the driver's side.
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I put ours in a week ago, it's a True Fit & HUGE pain in the ass to install rear facing, I found. Ugh. It took me awhile, but I got it in there nice n snug.
DD loves being next to the window now, and talking about how the baby will be back there with her very soon.
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We are installing ours this week. i am having our van detailed first since it's covered in dog hair. We have a Korean passenger van and I have to move my 2 year old to the far side by the window so I can put the baby in the middle. It's goofy though because the van only has the sliding door on one side so Graham will have to kind of crawl under the rear facing seat and learn to climb up into his seat on his own. Then we will have to either reach over the baby's seat or turn around from the front to buckle him in. We do have a third row but I don't want him so far away. We'll only be here about 10 more months after the baby is born so I guess we'll deal but what a pain! Point is, I want to get the baby seat installed this week so he has time to get used to it being there and to climbing into his own seat.
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Sounds like a good idea Amy.

I need to get dh to install the ours. Something tells me though, it'll be when I'm in labour.
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I installed ours a few days ago and I'm not liking it--I have it in the passenger side captains chair in the van. DS is in the driver's side one, and my niece's seat is in the back. It's really hard to get around back there now! Plus DD now has to ride in the far back if anyone else is in the car with us (she's usually in the front seat since she's adult sized) and it feels weird having her so far back.

Still not used to having a van, I guess!
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I tried to install ours (Chicco Keyfit 30) last week when DH was away, but after fiddling with it a bit then realized that the bubble levels won't work right in our steep driveway where we normally park.

DH will do it when he does some maintenance on the car later this week.
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I put ours in Saturday too. We are full now in our Mazda 5. It's weird having everyone in different spots now.
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I installed ours recently too. It is a Graco Snugride, and I was disappointed about not getting a really rock solid install like Ds's seat. But, I did then use a towel to get a better installation and also realized the seat is designed to flip up, so it's not going to be rock solid. I was really hoping the seat would fit in the middle, but Ds's seat is so wide it didn't work out. So Ds is now behind the driver's side, and baby's seat is behind the passenger's side.
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I just got my seat installed today too!

I took it to a local car dealer who has car seat techs on staff that install seats for free. My car is really small so it was a tough install. I'm glad I didn't have to do it! They got it in real nice and snug, but now our passenger seat is pushed way up. Ds is behind the driver's seat now. There just wasn't enough space to fit the baby's seat in the middle.
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I ordered the car seat today (Snugride 32) and the extra base shipped today. The car seat itself is being shipped next week, after the website said it'd be shipped today with the rest of the order.

Oh well. If I go super-early we can cancel the order and my parents can pick one up locally. I got a good deal, though.
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