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We're calling ours Megatron, because the day we found out we were pregnant my son got a really obnoxious talking Transformer (Megatron) that barks "I am IN COMMAND HERE." Which, for us, pregnancies kind of are.

My son was Voldemort when he was in utero. What can I say? We have dark senses of humour.
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Right now, my husband and I are calling ours the "sesame seed". But, of course, he/she is only the size of a sesame seed for this week, so that won't last too long. I guess next week we'll have to use "split pea" and after that "navy bean". Ha!
What is it about sizing the baby based on food? My DD got her nickname from one of those weekly babycenter emails which said that particular week she was about the size of an avocado. I forwarded this tidbit on to my mom and sisters, and next thing I knew, one of my sisters had dubbed my baby "guacamole", and that's what they called her all through the pg, partly because I was being stubborn and not finding out if it was a boy or girl.

This time around I'm avoiding nicknames as long as I can.
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This is a funny thread. We are also uncreative type who just call it 'new baby', as in "DS will use the drawers under his bed, and New Baby will use the dresser".

DS was "the baby".
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Ive been calling it the "monster" when Im ill or jelly bean when Im not. DD1 is calling the baby Thomas because thats just who she thinks it is. DH is calling the baby "the third" since its out third child.
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Parasite or Alleged Baby (because it wasn't confirmed, but it is now!)
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this one is my little fishy for some reason
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I've been reading aloud to my youngest dd The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh (the classic 1926 edition), so I've started calling the baby Roo (for those of you who aren't Pooh fans, there is a mommy kangaroo named Kanga and a baby kangaroo named Roo).
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I think we're gonna be calling ours 'pebble' cause I feel like I've eaten a rock and it's not settling well in my stomach, lol, and maybe when it's bigger 'boulder' lol.
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DH and I have taken to calling this one "Tenacious Bean" since it stuck despite my IUD.
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We don't have a nickname yet.. DD was "hershey" because for the longest time we referred to her as "he or she" and eventually settled on hershey because that's what it sounded like.
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ours is Baby Mojo because we conceived the first cycle after miscarriage where I actually ovulated so we feel like we got our mojo back!

our DS was called "Bucket" but my mom hated that and called him "twinkle toes" - yuk!
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My DW has been calling the baby T. rex (because of its short arms). At first it kind of disturbed me but now it really growing on me!
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We call the twins the turtles !!
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my son said we should call the baby marion since he said that is a boys and girls name, so that is what i have been calling baby ever since.
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Ours is Beatrice-the-bean or Beatrice for short. Since we already have a boy and my cousin predicts this one is a girl... and therefore named the bean... Problem is we can't find any names we like....
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Baby Mango!
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DS was the Bean...and for some reason Bean #2 has been the ultra-creative name we've come up with for this one....
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My 6 year old named the baby "whoozy" - as in "who is he?"
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