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Breech at 32 weeks?

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This kid will not stop flipping around. At 22 weeks --head down, 26 weeks--head down, 27 weeks--breech, 30 weeks--head down, 32 weeks--breech. Come on and give it a rest--stop making me worry!!

The ultrasound tech said not to worry, especially if she has not been breech the entire time, but I still can't help but feel a little helpless. I started using the ironing board tilt method this weekend and am going to make sure to swim as much as possible. The weird thing is that I have felt hiccups pretty low near my groin less than 24 hours before and I even think after she was determined to be breech.

Anyone else have a flipper?
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They can flip at any time and my MW said at 34 weeks they will -start- to get into their position. Don't worry. The worrying is worse than the breech!
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Ugh! We've been head down this whole time... and today the midwife found her heartbeat up high. That, plus measuring 3wks ahead.. and we're headed for another ultrasound next week to look at size and placement.

She'd better flip back around by then so we can tell the midwife to stick it!
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I've heard they can flip around up to 38, don't stress! Research Spinning Babies.
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I flipped right up until I was born. I was born really late and flipped to breech when they tried to induce my mother (failed both times). Dr. Finally agreed with my mom that I just knew it was too cold to come out of my nice warm nest Mom went home and there was a blizzard; when the snow finally cleared out I flipped back and she went into labor naturally. She claims I was her easiest birth (attempted interventions aside).
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