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Inositol question

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Do any of you who take inositol for depression also take choline? And if so, how much do you take?

Also, is there any concern that taking this in large doses might cause an imbalance in the B vitamins? I've just started taking 3 grams inositol a day, as well as a B-50 Complex, and want to make sure I won't end up throwing things more out of whack than they already are.
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I'm not an expert, but I'll tell you my experience. I took Inositol, but I didn't take choline. I took a high potency B-complex also. I felt great with this combination. The only problem I ran into is that one of the B's (6, I think) in high amounts can affect milk supply, so mine dropped drastically. After cutting out the B complex, I still felt pretty good with just the Inositol.
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Thanks... I am taking some choline, but it's not in anywhere near the amounts I'm taking of inositol. I will keep an eye on my supply, thanks for the heads up!
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