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Anyone else read Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles?

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I've been following the series for years - first those first four books about Lestat and now lots of others such as Pandora and Armand. I'm currently reading what I think is the latest book. It's about Marius and it's called Blood and Gold. It's not the best, but it's still interesting. The first four are my favorite - Interview with a Vampire probably being the best of all of them IMHO.

Anyone else out there read these? Like um - hate um ?

Just curioius!

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yes, blood and gold is latest. it came out on my birthday last year, mid-october.
i had really high hopes for it, since marius is such an intriguing character, but i was disappointed. it seemed like she just took huge chunks of "the vampire armand" and just renumbered the pages. i want NEW stuff not word-for-word retellings of stuff we already know.
merrick, 2000's offering, was interesting since it tied the mayfair witches with her vampires. not her strongest work, but i was just glad she had recovered enough to write again, KWIM?
queen of the damned was my favorite in the vampire series, but that movie looked beyond bad.
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Originally posted by shoshannas mom
it seemed like she just took huge chunks of "the vampire armand" and just renumbered the pages. .
I'm just at the Armand part of the book and I was thinking the same thing - gee this sounds really familiar!

I liked Merrick the best of all the newest ones. I would really like her to do more with Lestat and Louis (my personal favorite vampire)- I miss them!

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hm..I can't decide between the Vampire Lestate and Interview...Interview is really good but Louie can be a bit whiney if I am in the wrong mood....
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I've only ever read Violin and Blood and Gold. I didn't know that was part of a series! Duh. I guess I should read the flyleafs better next time!!!
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I've read everything Anne Rice has written, even the stuff she wrote as Anne Rampling and A. N. Roquelaure (those Sleeping Beauty books are very naughty). I am a huge fan! I even went by her house and stopped into her store in New Orleans when I was there December 2000. I am not into her new stuff as much as her older work, but it is all good. The Witching Hour will probably always be my favorite, but Cry to Heaven, The Feast of All Saints and Servant of the Bones are also great.
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Yes Cry to Heaven and The Witching Hour are my fav by her
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I loved the "originals" of the Vampire books - I honestly had never read them until the film version of Interview was released, and I thought to myself, this is a great story but I can come up with someone much more interesting than Tom Cruise, so I bought and read the book. Loved it! The Vampire Lestat is my favorite, I think... Drove through a snowstorm to buy Queen of the Damned and Body Thief. I liked Memnoch but was sad to see it end. Bought a signed edition of Interview, couldn't resist opening the package to see the signature:

I really enjoyed Cry to Heaven and Servant of the Bones, and with some guilty pleasure enjoyed Ramses/The Mummy. Also really liked the Mayfair books. I have only read a couple of her newer books, and listened to Armand and Vittorio in my car on tape, but wasn't as impressed as with the older ones. I have tried to read Feast of All Saints but honestly have never been able to "get into" it and finish it. Same with Violin.

Was so excited that Queen of the Damned was being made, until I saw the movie trailer... Ugh.
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I really liked the first 4 books too. What sort of all-black-look teen would I have been if I hadnt read them? :LOL I did not enjoy the rest of the books, however. I tryed to listen to many of them on tape.....just didn't really grab me.
And yes! The Sleeping Beauty books were VERY naughty! I read them after they were recommended by a giggling and blushing co-worker...
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Lestat will always hold a special place for me....teenage crush..don't ask!

Was anyone as disappointed in the Interview movie as I was..... Cruise as Lestat....uurrrggghhh. Who would you have cast in the movie????
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I wasn't thrilled with Tom Cruise as Lestat either - but I did like Brad Pitt as Louis.

I don't know who I would pick for Lestat - it would have to be a less mainstream celeb - more of a rebel - too bad River Phoenix died he might have fit the bill better.

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Perhaps Val Kilmer....ummmm.. I don't know.
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I read Lestat first and after that could never really enjoy Interview. Lestat is so much more dynamic and action packed.. and after seeing Louis through Lestat's eyes... I could never get over his constant whining and like him.
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Interview was the best, imho. She's had some good ones, like The Witching Hour (I really like the Mayfair witch line, too), but she's had some awful duds, too.

I have a hard time sometimes getting over her over-the-top, way-too-contrived Romantic-attempt style and really bad editing, but then I get into the story.

I've read everything she's ever written, too, and pounce on the hardcovers as soon as they come out! Sometimes, I wish I'd waited for paperback.

Louis is one of my favorites, as is Marius, always. (After Blood and Gold, I sense a sequel starring his ladylove ... that should be interesting!) Lestat seems too selfserving and flashy for me, and the way she's turned him into a demigod is a bit unsettling. He went to heaven? Yeah, right. Funny, it's easier to believe in the whole vampire thing...

Yes, Tom Cruise as Lestat was a huge miscast. He could have done Louis, though, I think. I don't follow the movies enough to know who would be more appropriate, though. Someone flashy and attention-craving, definitely.
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You know who was great in the movie though? Antonio Banderas. Oh baby did he ever work for me. Too bad it was such a small part. ACtually except that he would have looked as dumb (or dumber) blonde than Tommy did he would have made an awesome Lestat.
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Antonio Banderas works for me in any movie
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Originally posted by dotcommama
Antonio Banderas works for me in any movie

That was the one thing that almost pushed me to see Interview, but I just couldn't do it. I kinda make it a point not to see a movie if I enjoyed the book.(Plus, I owe my mom twenty bucks if I ever see it. I went on and on about what a lousy casting call Cruise was and she bet me I'd go see it anyway. So far I've hung onto my twenty) Isn't Queen of the Damned coming out, or has it already? That's probably my favorite, so I'll skip that movie, too. (Who am I kidding. Like I'm going to see a movie anytime soon, anyway)

I read the first books in high school and even though I've been totally unimpressed by her more current ones, I couldn't pass them by if I tried. In fact from Tale of the Body Thief and on are all in hardback because I can't wait for them to come out in paperback, either.
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I can,t remember the last time I went to a movie.......you are not alone...

ild WildVic......thanks guys for giving me my own smiley! ild
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Here is the trailor for Queen of the Damned.

It looks really bad - which is a shame b/c the books seem like that would make great movies. One of the reviews I read said, "This movie did not just suck, it blowed." So that kind of sums it up

Of course I'll still see it anyway (though I'll rent it ages from now I haven't actually seen a movie in the theater in 3 yrs)- b/c I like to see movies after I've read the book even though they are almost always terrible in comparison.
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I love Anne Rice! (even the naughty ones!) And I love the Interview with the Vampire series, especially the first 5. I really like the twist on how vampires began, their history. I found it very unique and of cource was swayed and would love to be a vampire!! lol About the movies, I liked them both and all of the characters, I see movies for what they are, a fun couple of hours to loose yourself. And I even like Tom Cruise as Lestat, though I know I am in the minority with that! Even Queen of the Damned was fun for me. In the 2nd movie they showed blood tears. I hope they come out with movies for all the books!
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