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Slipped and fell in the bathroom

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I've been afraid this whole time that I would slip and fall getting out of the tub.. and today it finally happened, although not out of the tub. I slipped on wet tiles from swimsuits by the door! I managed to scrap up my foot pretty badly, bruised the other foot and a knee and my neck is a bit sore. So far though nothing noteworthy has changed for the babe. Anyone know what I should look out for on her behalf? There's no pain and she's been kicking just as much as usual. Anyone else fall? This is not a big deal, right?
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Ow ow ow! That really sucks. Wet tile is awful stuff!

I fell with my first - total belly flop. I stepped on a wobbly cobblestone outside my department (I was in grad school at the time). I was....7 or 8 months pregnant, if I remember correctly. Nothing was hurt except my pride
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Did you hit your belly at all in the fall?

Babies are pretty protected in there, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Things I would look for would be decreased movement, soreness, contracting, leaking fluid, or bloody show. If you're worried you could make an appointment with your care provider to check on the baby, but I'm sure everything is fine. Sounds like you probably got the worst of it. Hope you feel better soon.
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Aww, sorry to hear, hope you feel better soon.

I fell a couple of weeks ago while at work, managed to slow the fall down and mostly just bruised up my back and arms. Baby has been fine.
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Oh no! I worry about falling everytime I take a shower! Glad the babe is moving well and all seems ok.
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I am so sorry you fell. I fell a week and a half ago down my front stairs. Went to the doctor and everything was fine. She said the biggest thing to look for is pain or tenderness in my uterus, then decreased movement, blood etc.

I fell down my stairs (the same ones) last Friday too. Now that I think of it, it was exactly a week apart that I fell down those friggen steps. Stupid rain making them slipper LOL. Anyways, we were on our way out the door to leave for a 2 hour drive to a different city to do some shopping. I picked myself up, came inside and sat down on the couch for a few minutes. Babe was still moving, I wasn't bleeding and I wasn't in any pain, other than where I hit my ribs, kidney, hip, shoulder, thigh and foot on the edge of the steps so we decided to continue on with our trip. I never even went to the doctor. I figured if something was wrong I could take a trip to the hospital in the other city as they have better doctors/hospital there anyways. But everything was fine, again.
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Thanks for the replies. Aside from a scraped up foot I feel much better and baby seems fine as well. Guess I just learned to be on the lookout for wet puddles!
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Aw that sucks! I hope everything is ok now. Ik sure it was scary.
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