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spinoff: Boohbahs: we get it!! do you?

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We just discovered Boohbahs and yes it did seem a little confusing at first. (to me, not to ds) But here's the trick: go to the PBS website and check out the Boohbah page. You'll get insight into how the show is put together and why. And how to spark interaction w/ your little one while you are watching.

Ds was enthralled the minuted he saw it, and we love it!

Are you watching Boohbahs too?
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I must say that my dd is obsessed with them! Every time it comes on she screams and jumps around like nothing else! I think it's weird and kind of annoying, but I understand how a little kid could get into the big colorful bodies and music and dancing!

A big plus is that she can watch them in the adjoining room while I do a workout tape every morning without her trying to stop me!
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We are not, have not, and will not watch Boohbahs.
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I thought the Teletubbies on acid and my 3 year old said they were the Teletubbies parents.
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Moving to the Media forum.
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Boohbah freaks me out. The creatures are just creepy looking.

I agree, Teletubbies on acid.
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Ok Velcromom I support your enthusiasm..I too was a doubter..I thought the Boobahs were Teletubbies on acid also.. BUT I went to the Pbskids website and checked them out because DS absolutely LOVED them.. he was dancing around and clapping his hands and just happy as a clam. so I checked out the site and got a bit of insight as to what they are doing and what different things mean andnow I can actually watch the show with DS..yes it is kind of annoying..them saying "boooobahhhhh..." but he really digs it anything that makes him this happy makes me happy too..
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AAACKKKK They are like giant farting teletubbies on acid! We found the webpage before we saw the show. DS loves the webpage's activities and will always ask to do the "funny boy", but the show doesn't really hold his interest. I agree that the concepts are interesting, but perhaps a bit too "high concept"?
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Ok, I posted this link once before in the other Boohbah thread a while back, but this is a review of the show which is insightful and *funny*


my sister is the reviewer. I haven't actually seen the show yet, sounds rather zany...
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I heard the "originator" on the radio and didn't buy anything about why my Dd should watch her show. We got rid of the television when she started watching it while I nursed, at about 3 months.

She never mentioned that boobah, at least by pronunciation, if not spelling, is hebrew for doll.

When I was 7 years old and in Sunday School at the synagogue, I was given the role of the bubah (I think that was the spelling). I had to jump out of a box and sing "I am a little bubah...oh bubahbubahbubah."

I was mortified at the thought and spent weeks before the pagent wishing G-ddess would do something drastic. Alas, the girl who was to play Queen Ester got sick, and I got her role. They killed the bubah act!! T
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Dd just discovered television and this is one of the few shows she likes. It's so redundant and it seems to be the same show every day, but I can't see anything actually wrong with it. Dd is really into the music and she loves it when the Boobahs dance. I thought it was kind of creepy at first, too, but it is growing on me.

I dug that review, traceface. Well put and funny:
"An unscientific observer might prefer to classify the Boohbahs as large chenille gumdrops with retractable phallic heads, identical but for their different colors"
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Oh my.... I thought this thread was about "boobies", just spelled funny. You know, wardrobe malfunction and the like...

We will remain blissfully deprived, I guess.
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I am glad to see I am not the only person completely out of touch.

I did the same thing on the Wiggles thread.:LOL
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i feel kinda dirty just looking at a boobah. they look like big blobby penis heads with testicle bodies. and what's with all the farty sounds? and the weird, not-talking babbly stuff. they scare me. i did hear a catchy little song on the one i watched a minute of....
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Accidentally watched a few minutes of it once. DS#2(2yo) was petrified of it.

And I thought I was having a flashback ...

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Love 'em! Haven't watched the show more than twice, but the website is great!
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My son just informed me that my belly is just like those Boobahs : good thing i am going to the gym 5 days a week.
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OH YES!!!!


I watch Boohbahs with my children every afternoon, and I love them!

We are a BOOHBAH loving family!!!
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