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POLL - New Dr. needs oppinions

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I will be setting up my chiropractic office in a few months and would like to run my idea by you ladies to see what you might think.
I was thinking of opening a longevity & wellness center geared towards women, especially those 30+. I would have specialists that delt with common female concerns: ie. weight loss, hormone balancing, antiaging, fitness, homeopathy, chiropractic, naturopathy, ms, diabetes, etc. I would also offer a series of empowerment seminars, and sponsor a variety of workshops that suited the wants of my patients (maybe new age?).
If this was in your town, would you go?
What would you like to see in a women's club/office ?
What would a clinic have to offer to make you come back and/or refer your friends and family to it?
Thank you for all of your ideas, I want to start this the right way!

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My chiro....

has wellness talks on Saturday am-
His wife is going to start her chiro business soon & focus on childrens problems.
I would think womens problems would be limiting in a way(for men!)but there is a need for the other side of care-other than hormones,surgeries,pills for womens problems.
Good luck.
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My hubby deals mostly with sports medicine & weekend warriors - so I'll leave the men to him LOL Thanks for the reply, Mir
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just a thought...the acupuncture practitioners I know don't like that environment because you often don't get a lot of continuity with the patient...more like once or twice which is not very effective in their opinion. i would say an office space share would be effective and maybe sharing overhead costs (billing, receptionist) rather than marketing "one stop shopping." Avoid "special occasion" marketing...

Physically, comfortable waiting room, profesional but not medical. Quiet, warm colors, no linoleum. You'll attract more professional women if you don't make it too overtly spalike or have too many gurgling fountains, aromatherapy or enya playing. New agey worksops are great though...just don't be screamingly so in the waiting room, since many older women are new to alternatuve healing...ease them into it!
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LOL! Enya will never be played in my presence! (My mother has always tormented me with that kind of stuff - I once spent a 16 hour car trip with her listening only to Paul Simon & Susan Vega & Tracy Chapman -- OH THE HORROR STILL LINGERS!)

I guess that I wasn't clear in my original post, I was not going to do everything myself - we were just going to hire ( or rent space to) the right people to offer those services.
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I was actually thinkning about what the one thing that would get me anywhere regularly (after being hounded by an optometrist for not being checked for 5 years) *ON SITE CHILDCARE!!!!* The main reason I don't go to the doctor unles I am sick is because I have to lug Frick and Frack with me and it ends up being no fun for anyone.
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ITA with Khrisday! I go to my chiropractor regularly because they have a child friendly office. There are lots of toys for my baby to play with, and safe, comfortable, yet attractive furniture that he can sit, lay and climb on while I'm being adjusted. They've started scheduling special kid-friendly hours for those of us who bring our children, and usually arrainge for someone to be there to watch them. It tends to make the adjustments a little noisier (it's an open adjusting room), but the children bring a wonderful, enlivening energy to the whole experience. Those people who prefer complete quiet are encouraged to schedule their visits at other times.

BTW, I actually prefer a calm, new agey space with fountains, and meditative music. I don't want to feel like I'm visiting the doctor.
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