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Pregnant w/ Multiples Chat Thread June/July

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Pregnant with Multiples Chat
Thought I would revive this thread and mesh the two months together since we started late and spilled over anyway.

There is something similar in the I'm pregnant forum, but i am thinking that it might be better over here so we can get the advice and solace of folks that have been in our shoes.

I know in my DDC i'm so for the only one that knows they have more than one, so i look to this Parenting Multiples section for my inspiration, I'm sure in not alone.

i would love to start a list of all our growing multiples, and of course invite all the BTDT moms to chime in whenever they fell like being helpful!


Let us know any of the following and more, welcome!!

Name? (if you feel like it)
You and maybe your partners age at the birth?
Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both?
What number of kids will is be for you?
Genders? Will you be finding out?
EDD and or planned birth timing?
State you live in?
Anything else you want to share?

Pregnant Multiple Mommies!


Queenofchaos Babies Born 7/2/10 ... 7th & 8th Children
BirthStory: Our two peas in a pod!


Chabela_t Isabel EDD 9/2 ... 2nd & 3rd Children
Di/Di ... Age at birth 27, DH 34 ... Location FL

mauri456 Sara EDD 10/18 ... 2nd & 3rd Children & keeping it that way
Di/Di probably, with possible fused placenta ... Location VA

medicinemansgirl EDD 10/28 ... 9th & 10th Children
Di/Di, her second set!

lindsay t EDD 10/29 ... 2nd & 3rd ... & keeping it that way
Di/Di ... Age at birth 32, 38 ... Location OH

butterflies Amy EDD 11/?? ... 3rd & 4th Children

SashaBreeze Sasha EDD 11/17 ... 6th & 7th Children
Age at birth 32

KellyTTC#1 Kelly EDD 11/30 ... 1st & 2nd children
Di/Di ... Age at birth 33, DH 40 ... Location Ontario, Canada

annettemarie Annette EDD 12/6 ... 5th & 6th Children
Di/Di ... Age 38 at birth ... Location PA

aurinia Allison EDD 12/15 ... 3rd & 4th Children personally 1st & 2nd with DH
Age at birth 34 ... Location NY

turnquia Amanda EDD 12/17 ... 3rd & 4th Children
Di/Di ... Age at birth 25, DH 26

NP2B Rikki EDD 1/?? ... 2nd & 3rd Children

Marisgirl EDD 1/6/11 ... 3rd & 4th Children

•Adorkable• EDD 1/24/11 ... 1st & 2nd Children
Di/Di ... Age at birth 36, DH 40 ... Location WA -> DC

abeecharmer Sarah & Pregnant Partner EDD 2/4/11 2nd & 3rd Children

Coco99 & Pregnant Partner EDD 2/14/11 ... 1st & 2nd Children
Possible MZ? time will tell ... Age at birth 34 & 33

Strong Mama EDD 2/??/11 ... 3rd & 4th Children
Age at Birth 35?

ladydodson Becky EDD 3/7/11 ... 4th & 5th Children
Di/Di ... Age at Birth 35, DH 34 ... Location CA
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Sounds like a great idea! IDK how long I will be able to join as I am looking at D-day anytime now! I figure once they are here, my comp time will be cut drastically!
Anyway, I am 37+1. EDD of 7/14. Have an intuition June 26th is the day. If not, dr is looking at inducing me July 5th is nothing happens by then. At 36 wk check-up I was already 3 cm + 50%, so I def ready to go! These are babies 7 & 8. No idea of gender or anything else. Well, they do have own sacks (thank God!) and might be sharing a placenta, never could determine that even at 10 wk US. And most likely last pg considering DH got snipped!
I am SOOOO ready to meet these babies! Feeling very unweildly these days. Being pg w/twins gives a whole 'nother dimension to the phrase 'heavy with child.' LOL
So how are you feeling, Adorkable? Being a FTM carrying twins must be a real trip. It sure has been a journey for me (more emotionally than anything else) and I've already had 6 kids!
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Sometimes I think I may be better off because I don't know anything different. Thankfully I'm a hearty strong lady. I'm 5'7" and was a broad shouldered well balanced 165-170 before I got preggo. I do have some insulin resistance and I'm on metformin for that that, otherwise a generally healthy person.
I think being 36 might help a lot as well, I've gotten used to taking care of myself and not getting pushed around by life or doctors.

Oh and I keep thinking that a benefit to have twins as my first and probably only pregnancy... Not having other kids to worry about when I'm preggo, from what I hear that seems like one of the real frustrations.
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I am the same height and started off close to the name weight as you in the beginning of this pg. We are almost the same age, too! I am 35 (will be 36 in Nov). It sounds like that's where our similarities probably end tho!
Not knowing any different does make a difference. IMO, it's not the other kiddos that make pg a challenge, it's all the other stuff like cleaning, cooking, shopping etc. that is hard. I've always thought that being a mom would be a snap if someone else handled all those other petty details!
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I'll join in too. Not sure how much time I'll have to check in daily but for sure will frequent it fairly often. This is our 2nd set of di/di twins, both boys. I"m due Oct 28th and expect to make it to the 40 wk EDD or close to it since I went 39wks 4 days with our 1st set. Our 1st set made babies 4&5 and these will make babies 9&10. Planning a home water birth and very excited!! We also homeschool.

We have:
fraternal twin boys-5
girl-20 months
twin boys again!-due Oct 28th
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Thanks for starting this!

I'm Annette.

When the babies are born I'll be 38.

I have no idea what kind of twins I'm having. They're each in their own sac and their own placenta. So, whatever that is.

This is my 8th pregnancy. We've had
Mary Elizabeth (miscarriage)
Michael (11)
Katie Grace (9)
Nicholas (6)
Daniel (3)
Samuel Paul (miscarriage)
Maria Hope (miscarriage)
And now twins!

I'm due on December 6 and live in PA.
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welcome ladies, i added you both.

annette there are 3 things that twins are either mono or di, they are:

zygotic: one egg or two
chorionic: one or two outer membranes
amniotic: one or two inner membranes

most will not know the first one early on, though some things will give it away.
the other two can be seen on u/s and are described as Mo/Mo(very rare) Mo/Di or Di/Di

i found the wikipedia entry for twin to be particularly great and is interesting reading with lots of side pages that are fun too http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twin
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I'm Sasha and we are expecting twin boys with a due date of Nov. 17th.
I will be 32 years old by the boys due date.
This will make our 6th & 7th children. (Our oldest is not my dh's bio daughter but he has raised her since she was two, so sometimes even we forget she is technically his step daughter)

This has been our first "oopsie" baby and I have to admit I was having a really hard time getting excited because timing is not so great. But for what ever reason once we found out we are expecting twins we have went baby crazy. Dh and I have always wanted twins but we just never thought it would actually happen.
So happy to be here on this list with you ladies!
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Hi, everyone!

I'm Allison, and DP and I are expecting twins Dec. 15th, although given my history, my OB is thinking it'll be more like late November. I will be 34 when they're born and I also have a 10yr old DD, Cassidy, and a 3yr old DD, Niyah. DP also has a son. These will be our first children together and most likely my last pregnancy. I'm assuming they are di/di because that's most common, but don't know for sure. We will be finding out what we're having next month!
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Hi Everyone!

I'm Kelly
Age at birth will be 33, dh is 40
di/di twins, 1st and 2nd kids
sexes unknown at this time
due Nov 30th
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Hi everyone!

I am Amanda.
At birth I will be 25 and DH 26.
di/di twins kid number 3&4!
Sex: we will find out soon!
Due December 17th!
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Hello. I'm Rikki and I'm pregnant with di/di twins as well. I'm due in January. These will be babies # 2 &# 3. I have a 3 year old son. My husband and I are thrilled to be having twins.
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I'm Sara due with baby #2 and #3. Gender will be a surprise when they decide to make their appearance.

I have a 2 1/2 year old little girl.

Due 10-18....

Babies look to be di/di. Doc thinks the placenta fused.

I am starting to get tired but still have a long way to go. This should definately be an interesting summer!!
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welcome ladies, i'm glad that folks found this, if you have other twin mommies in your DDC please invite them over.

oh and Rikki, please come on over to the January Due Date Club, i would love a twin buddy in there , i'm the only one right now!

its amazing how many twins December has!
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I'm so excited to see so many expecting twins, really helps a gal feel less alone!

Got a question for mommies that are on their later pregnancies this time around, or really anyone that knows. Starting with my third child I have always shown early but it seems like nothing like this! I think I looked pretty average, for me, around 16 weeks or so but it is like something massive happened as I hit week 18. I am HUGE like almost full term size for me big. I really didn't realize just how big I was until I went to put the pants on that I wore at my last midwife appointment and they wouldn't fit! I still weigh the same sooooo is it to be expected with twins??? I am starting to think that by the end I am going to have to take my bed sheet and start wearing it as a toga. (thats the boys laughing at their silly mommy)
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I'm expecting mono/di twin boys. Due Nov 27.

My age at birth will be 34

They will be my 3rd and 4th children

I'm in MA

SashaBreeze-- I'm just 18 weeks today. I think I'm about the same size I was at about 6 months in my last pregnancy. Until last month people thought I looked really small, even for a singleton.
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I feel huge. I had lost about 35 pounds last year, but still had quite the little belly flap. Being pregnant with twins has pushed all my belly pudge up above my uterus, so I look huge. I'm 17 weeks tomorrow. It's actually a lot harder then I anticipated, accepting this weight gain after working so hard to lose it.
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Just remember that this weight is with a purpose and is there to help you have healthy fulll term babies! I can understand that it's hard.
I have been gaining weigt for the past 5 years or so and only 2 years ago learned I have some insulin resistance and a family history of diabetes, so I have been really fighting the emotional effects of watching my body slowly but steadily pack on pounds, about 20 in 5 years, 30 in the last 10.
So now that I'm pregnant for the first time I have mixed emotions, part of ome is happy I don't feel like I have to " suck it in" so much, but the rest of me is wondering if I have now pasted a point of never getting back to a weight I feel right at. Blah
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Anyone struggling with coming up with a second or third name? I have had a favorite for a few years (a girls) and struggle to come up with others that i like as much, and no I have this silly worry that if one of the twins gets my "favorite" name that it will be unfair to the twin that gets "seconds"
Is this a normal fret or am I being really silly?
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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
Being pregnant with twins has pushed all my belly pudge up above my uterus, so I look huge.

Between either being pregnant or breastfeeding for the past almost 7 years I have never been able to lose my pregnant pudge. I know exactly what you are talking about. I look in the mirror and am like "ok... I know the boys are only belly button down... sooo what is all of this up here???" I swear it makes me look almost to term, nice and round from my ribs down.... didn't expect that.
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