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Bumping this back up to the top since see a lot of new twin pregnancies popping up!
Come on in and join the growing group!

And congrats!!!!!!
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Thanks for bumping this up Adorkable, I was wondering what happened to this thread.

So today I had a WIC appointment and it went GREAT not only is the nutritional counselor completely supportive of me breastfeeding the twins she has practical experience on the topic. She had twins (they are now 35 years old) that she breastfed! Not only that but one of her twins had twins and her daughter breastfed them! So yaaaa, good news all around at today's appointment.

Tomorrow I will be 22 weeks pregnant and I feel ecstatic, worn, blessed and overwhelmed all at the same time. I kind of keep waiting for someone to come up and whisper to me that is was just a joke because it still feels so alien of an idea. I am only still feeling flutters from the boys so I think that may be part of it all, I keep on expecting to feel elbows and knees all over the place.

I can hardly wait until Thursday! It is my next midwife appointment and I am looking forward to them taking another peak under the hood. Even though you guys did a great job in calming me down about the kicking thing I am still a little nervous about it and getting a look at them in motion is just what I need to calm down and relax about it all.

So how is everyone else doing?
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Mom of twins (well future mom anyway) that are due January 6,2011.

I already have a 10 YO DS and a 22 month DD. I'm a little nervous, but feeling confident in my ability to be able to handle this dynamic duo!

I'm going to try and absorb as much as possible.

Anyone doing Hypnobabies - I haven't read the thread through yet.
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Welcome marisgirl! Fill us in on any of e details thatvwe are listing on the first post that you would like to share, and then a special welcome sincecwe are due the same month, have you come over to the DDC? I would love to add you to that list as well.

AFM- I have my NT screen tomorrow, look forward to seeing the babies actually looking a bit more like babies for the first time. I was talking to my mom about the various genetic test and she was getting all concerned (this from the hippy that thought she had a tumor or something till my 5month old fetal sister kicked her!) I guess she is more of a worry wort now. I'm still pretty calm about things, knowledge is power. Anoying that the blood test is really not nearly as accurate with twins, but it will do for now. My gut tells me I'm going to do the amnio in the end.

My belly is finally starting to show, though mostly it is just my belly chub being pushed up higher, so it's not really in the right place to be a baby bump. I was at a great festival in Oregon last week and they have a midwives booth there that has known me since I was very very young and they do preggo belly painting. So gettingvthe two little ones painted gestationally accurate on me was a huge joy and certainly made me feel more preggo. It also blew my hubby's mind to get to stare at then all day! He's all squishy about babIEs even more now, it's really sweet.
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Oh and the hypnobabies, yeah I have been reading about it a lot and feel it would be a really good fit for me and my thinking and past experiences. I had a few issues with the hypobirthing style of thinking and like e hypnobabies a lot more.
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Hey, Adorkable, just a heads up (FWIW)-- the NT screen can only give your chances of Down Syndrome. It doesn't give a yes or no and they told me they wouldn't even hazard a guess on Trisomy 18 with twins. Which kind of would have been nice to know before the test.
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Yeah I totally understand that it is only giving vague odds. The genetic counselor we had was really good and levelheaded about things explaining tons of stuff.
They did say that we get some info on 18 but that it's accuracy was pretty bad.
It is for all these reasons that I feel like we will be getting the amnio, I just wish that we could just do that right now and now wait.
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Hi Everyone! I forgot about this thread so I'm feeling really far behind.
and Welcome to everyone who has recently joined! I'm looking forward to sharing with all of you!

We had our anatomy scan last week and we're expecting 2 girls! It's funny but my intuition was correct about the 2 girls. Both are measuring good in terms of size. I had gained 2 lbs as of week 14 and then I feel like I've had some rapid growth and as of 19 weeks I was at 15 lb weight gain.

I read about the positions that some of you mention. For me Baby A is on left and Baby B is on right. I was told they will always be left and right (I guess because that is where the placentas attached) but they may change positioning as space becomes more of an issue (such as one above the other, I didn't get the impression mine would hide one is front of the other).

My doctor said that monthly ultrasounds are the protocol for twins because they can't go on belly measurements and feeling for positioning. They want to make sure both are growing around the same pace and later on confirm head down positioning. I'm not sure if that is what others are doing?

Adorkable: what are you wanting to test for in the amnio? They could only do the Down's Syndrome screen at the NT scan and they said they would be doing spine measurements at the ultrasounds so not to worry that they can't do the trisomy 18 testing.

Annette: how's the rash? I don't know much about PUPPS... will it stay now until the babies are born?

turnquia: how are you feeling? I had some rib pain about 11 weeks so I can kind of understand how you are feeling but I hope it is on the mend. Congrats on the boy and girl!!

butterflies: I'm glad you are happy with your decision to stay grounded for the second half of your pregnancy. Hope you are feeling well.

I know people have been talking about movement... I have been feeling movement on and off since around 17-18 weeks. I feel baby A more than B. However, I also think it's based on positioning. In the ultrasound I could see that they were facing each other so I think the kicks were directed towards one another. I also felt a bigger swirling movement last night... I think baby B changed positions (perhaps tired of being kicked in the head by her sister) and is now positioned with her back to her sister. It's funny because at the ultrasound I saw tons of movement... I just don't feel it all (which I'm trying to enjoy at this point in time).
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Joining in
I am 35 and am 7 weeks only with twins. Found out they were twins when I went in the ER for fluids...so so sick........
Anyway have already gained 5 pounds in a month, so weight gain holding steady!!!!! Blessed to have double fun!
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welcome to the new soon to be M.o.M.s!

i just did a round of updating on out main list in the first post. please let me know if you want to fill in anymore info at any time.

News on Queenofchaos, she had her babies, 2 Girls, the link to her birth announcement is under her listing in the first post!!!!
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had my NT screen today and the U/S was so fun! not the pushing on my belly and all, but the seeing the two little people in me that finally look like little peoples!! they were amazing, since last time we saw them you could just make out what end was the head and the tail, this was so col to see hands and feet and all the squirming!

oh and the NT measurements were just wonderful, the tech showed us lots of things and said that things looked really great. two good placentas, both towards my spine
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That's great news!

DH asked me an interesting question last night-- my last birth was with a homebirth midwife, no ultrasounds. Because of two back-to-back miscarriages, we were under a doctor's care this time. But he asked, would I have known I was pregnant with twins if it wasn't for the US. I don't know. I think so, because one baby likes to hang up high and the other seems to think kung fu kicking my cervix is the best thing ever, but you also hear about "surprise twins" (there was just a pair born in one of the DDCs!)

So how about you? Do you think you would have known if you hadn't been told?
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Name? (if you feel like it) Natasha
You and maybe your partners age at the birth? My DH and I will both be 30
Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? We're not sure yet.
What number of kids will is be for you? 3 & 4
Genders? Will you be finding out? We don't know yet. I'm only 15w2days
EDD and or planned birth timing? January 6th
State you live in? IL
Anything else you want to share? This is a pregnancy after loss for us, and for a while I was a bit reserved about telling about the pregnancy. Then to find out it was twins made me even more reserved. However the giveaway of my belly is making it extremely hard to stay quiet in general, so we just don't mention anything about how many. I'll have to see if we share after the second trimester is done.
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I honestly don't thik I would've known. Mw says she would've but I am her very 1st twin client and she's never even seen a twin pregnancy or birth. As I did, she excused everything away with me just having had so many previous pregnancies. I was as big with baby #7 as I was with twins the 1st time. With baby #6 and 8 I was smaller than even the average pregnant belly. So, I've pretty much covered the spectrum as far as single pregnancies go and could easily see being big just with 1 baby since it's definitely happened before. I chalked the severe morning sickness up to it being a girl. I've been really sick with all 3 girls but never sick at all with any of the boys...including our 1st set of twins. So, I was convinced it was just 1 girl....and probably still would be had I not seen 2 boys at 21 wks! Heart rates are fairly close to being the same. One hangs out around 136 and the other in the lower to mid 140's. That's easily excusable too since you have to pick up and find the other heart beat and the rate could've changed in mere seconds due to baby getting excited. So, no. I don't think I would've ever known and don't think the mw would've ever detected it.
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I am almost 20 weeks and I have run out of room to eat. I suspect this is only going to get worse.
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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
I am almost 20 weeks and I have run out of room to eat. I suspect this is only going to get worse.
I am right there with you, AM...I told DP the other day I feel like I've had gastric bypass or something. 3 or 4 bites and I'm done. 15 minutes later, I'm starving again.

I shudder to think what we're going to be in for in a few more months.
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Name? becky
You and maybe your partners age at the birth? i will be 35, hubs will be 34
Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? i think they are di/di, or at least someone on another message board said that when they saw a picture of my scan. i am only 7w tomorrow so im not sure, really.
What number of kids will is be for you? #4/5
Genders? Will you be finding out? i dont want to, hubs does...
EDD and or planned birth timing? 3/7/2011
State you live in? california
Anything else you want to share? this is a total surprise to me...a shock even...we were just wrapping our heads around another baby after having one just a year ago...and having a nearly 3yo and a teenager...and then two! also, ive had 2 home births after cesarean and i would really love to avoid another c-section, and hope for a home birth when all is said and done...

i am already attached and very afraid of vanishing twin syndrome...the u/s showed two well formed sacs and two heartbeats...but still, everything i read says that that doesn't mean much in a mult. pregnancy...
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Welcome Natasha and Becky!!!

Annette- I knew right away it was two. I feel so different this pregnancy too that I think that would have gained my attention. Although I look like I'm only having one still I think I would have been able to tell. I couldnn't even fathom surprise twins!

The food thing. I am actually WANTING to eat right now which is a HUGE improvement for me. But yup cannot eat a lot or I'm full. Either way I'm eating and cooking a lot so I'm happy.

Contractions are kicking my butt already. I knew they would kick in sooner or later... to be honest I hoped for later. I'm thinking bedrest will end up starting at like 24-28 weeks. Just modified but still.... blech. The idea I was going to get out of it this time doesn't seem too plusible.

I am feeling better though ty for asking

So I'm 18 weeks... still sheer terrified of twins... lol excited and scared out of my wits all at once.
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Hey future MoMs! I just read this thread and wanted to say that A and B can change places. I was told by my MFM that they absolutely could not and then at about 32w, they did. It was so weird for me, because I had really gotten used to them with A as A and B as B. The MFM and the high risk OB started referring to them as "Baby A, formerly known as baby B, and Baby B, formerly known as baby A." SNORT. In the end, formerly-B came out first (as A), and formerly-A came out second (as B) and B was 2lbs larger than A and also a foot-first breech. I'd been told that if B was larger than A, it might be hours between the births, or I might need a c-s. In reality, it was less than 10 minutes and they were both born vaginally.
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