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Name: Isabel
You and maybe your partners age at the birth? Me 27 and DH 34
Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? All I know is that they are fraternal, each in their own sac and with their placenta.
What number of kids will is be for you? This will make 3, I already have a 4 year old girl
Genders? Will you be finding out? Is a girl and a boy.
EDD and or planned birth timing? EDD is Sept 02...so far I am planning to go as far as my body allows me, I am praying for vaginal and so far it seems I'll be getting that.
State you live in? Jacksonville, FL (for now, we are Navy, so we move a lot)
Anything else you want to share? Being in my 33 wk, I feel scared and excited at the same time. Trying to get all the necessary things for them (I already made a post of that), and wondering if I will survive this. I love this pregnancy, though people drive me nuts because I don't have a huge belly!
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Thanks for the welcome ladies. I am still trying to get used to going from a family of four to six overnight. I'm also trying to keep from reading too much into the vanishing twins or of peope losing their twins late in gestation because I was already paranoid about this pregnancy to begin with and don't need to drive myself nuts. This is just me and I respect everyone for handling their pregnancies the way they feel comfortable with.

I must say though that round ligament pain is kicking my BUTT and I'm waddling already and will ONLY be sixteen weeks on Thursday.

Water has become my best friend, and I am thankful that I have not had any trace of morning sickness at all. I feel this is only right since with my DD two years ago, I had morning sickness so bad that I lost 25 pounds. YUCK!
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Congratulations to all the new expecting mom's!

Well I didn't get to see the boys again but we did get a good listen at both distinct heartbeats. So no worries, right? I am told that in a couple more weeks I will be feeling the little guys bouncing around all over the place. I am really looking forward to that so that I wont be such a worrier.

Great news about QueenofChaos!
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Thursday morning is what the church staff is alternately calling "Child Idenitification Day" or "The Big Reveal"- LOL!
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Welcome ladies, will add you when I'm back at my main computer tonight.
Isabel, just so you know just because they are in different sacks and have their own placentas does not prove they are fraternal, only them being different sexes proves that or a blood test. Identicals that split before day 4 will also look like that and this makes up 25% of identicals. Now of course indenticals in general are much more rare.
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thought i'd join in on the fun!

Name? (if you feel like it) Lindsay

You and maybe your partners age at the birth? 32/38

Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? di/di

What number of kids will is be for you?2&3 and i think then we are done

Genders? Will you be finding out?keeping it a surprise!

EDD and or planned birth timing?oct.29th

State you live in?ohio

Anything else you want to share? this is after a loss last oct so until i could really feeling the lil guys moving around in there i was constantly worried i would lose one/both. now that they are pretty much viable, i am more at ease. of course they better not make an appearance anytime soon!
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I wanted to ask everyone about how their weight gain is progressing. I know that 35-45 lb weight gain is recommended with approx 1.5 lbs per week after 1st trimester.

I'd just like to know how this is going for everyone.

I started at 133 lbs.
2 lb gain as of 14 weeks
13 lb gain from 14-19 weeks (works out to about 2 lbs. to week)
9 lb gain from 19-21 weeks (about 4.5 lbs per week)

I was a little floored when I saw how much I put on over 2 weeks... is that crazy or are other people experiencing the same thing?
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One more day until the big ultrasound!!! I am excited and anxious at the same time.

Weigh. Sigh. That's a hard one for me. Last year I lost about 40 pounds. With each miscarriage, I managed to gain 5 pounds back. So far, at 20 weeks, I've gained about 18-20 pounds total. I'm aiming for the 24 pounds by 24 weeks and then hoping it slows down. I already have to eat my meals in shifts because there's no room.
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So are you finding out the sexes tomorrow Annettemarie? I bet you are super excited!

This morning guess what I felt? Yep, significant movement! I have been waiting and waiting for this I am so happy that I dont even care if it was a very ummm uncomfortable kick to my hip bone. I'm just so happy to finally be feeling something from these little guys.

Ack! I so dont want to discuss specifics on my weight. No seriously I have actually lost weight so far and dont really expect to gain much since I have not gained a pound with my last 3 pregnancies. I am a "fluffy" momma and despite what some people (cough doctors) think it is not because I am not active or because I eat junk. I eat very healthy and all that good stuff but I just eat a LOT. Add to that the fact that I was thin before being pregnant with my second child and then... I dont know I lost my mind or something and gained....100 pounds! I was never able to lose it all soooo basically now when I get pregnant it is like my body finally has a place to use the extra calories I eat and I just dont gain anything.

So because I have been crazy sick at the beginning of this pregnancy I have lost weight, but only because I was over weight to begin with. Does that make since? I was 250 pounds starting weight and now weigh 237.
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We have the big U/S on August 23rd! I'm nervous and a bit excited. I don't know if we are going to find out the genders - please tell me that I'm not crazy for not doing so.

I also found out that my midwife (well I already knew) is retiring today so it was my last go round with her. I was transferred over to an OB - not a high risk one though, so I'm happy.
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We're definitely finding the sexes. Everyone is all "Don't you want to be surprised?!?!" and I tell them I got my big surprise when she said "Twins." I think more surprise would kill me, LOL!
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cant wait to hear the news Annette! i will definitely be finding out, there is just so much logistics in twin and supplies. and everyone asked over and over, i would rather not get tons of yellow baby things. even though i'm not big into the blue/pink thing, i do feel it will be good to pick two colors and start kinda color coding things for the twins. So knowing the sexes would be nice, it will let me get more of a feeling for them. plus im having a hard time with names, so not having to find 4 that i love would be nice.

So jealous of those that can feel them already, im sure i will eat those words! but right now i still feel so unpreggo it is strange and disheartening. heck im in the second trimester tomorrow!
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All updated and folks are added to the main list! Welcome ladies!!!

i started off this pregnancy at 5'6"-5'7" and 171lbs, now at 13weeks i am not up to 181. I am letting it happen pretty naturally, just making sure i am getting my food from good things. and boy i'm always hungry! i would like to stick to the rough guide of 1 pound per week and more interested to making sure i am getting that in the first half.

i was getting more than a little sad about my figure before i got preggo, so in one way it is nice to think of my body differently and in another way i worry about my lumps still. for the most part i am loving how my body is taking care of me and these two little ones and trusting that nursing and caring for me first kids will help me work it off again. there is pretty much no way in the world that i will remain as inactive as i have been in the last few years once i have twins, and that is such a good thing!
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On the plus side, we should drop lots of weight upon delivery.
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I'm excited for you tomorrow Annette! It's fun to know... 2 girls is still sinking in!

thanks to everyone for sharing their weight gain stories so far (I apologize if I made anyone feel uncomfortable with sharing, and I know it varies a lot from person to person). I'm Ok with gaining weight... I just thought it came on quickly. I assume there will be growth spurts and slower growth times (is that what others have experienced?). I don't think I'll be able to move if I keep up the 4.5 lb per week gain for the next 19 weeks!
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Good luck today Annette!

Something funny-- my OB hasn't weighed me in weeks! And I don't own a scale so I have no idea how much I've gained. The reason is that I've had all my last few visits up in the u/s department-- I just schedule them on days when she's the one on call up there. And then they also do my blood pressure and urine up there-- so I don't need to trudge down to her actual office and wait all over again. I guess she isn't too worried about my weight as long as everything else looks good (the babies are gaining, cervix closed, blood pressure good, etc). I'm kind of curious but not curious enough to actually invest in a scale.

I definitely FEEL like there are growth spurts. I'll get all achy and feel uncomfortably "stretched" for a few days and start thinking that I really can't possibly continue like this until Nov. Then things seem to even out until the next spurt.

And- I'm starting to get strangers making comments about how I must be due really soon. That must count as some kind of significant milestone in twin pregnancies, right?
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We're having a boy and a girl!!!!!!
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Oh, and pics!

The last six are the most recent.
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Congrats on the discovery Annette! They look great, still amazed that they can actually determine sexes with those images!!
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Oh yay congrats Annette!!! The pics are so sweet!
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