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WOW!! What news to get up to this morning!! Congratulations mama and WELCOME BABY CORA!!
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Wow! Welcome baby Cora!
Superfastbirther, indeed! Well done Mama AND Daddy! Congratulations!
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How exciting!
With all these fast births I'm glad I'm planning a UC! I just hope I get the pool filled in time.
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Wow congrats!!!
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What an amazing story! Congratulations on your beautiful new baby
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Yay! Congratulations!
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Originally Posted by Terrilein View Post
maybe time to change your nick to superfastbirther???
haha ditto! Congrats!
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SO cool! Congratulations!!
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The doula wouldn't have made it anyway & honestly I think it was meant to be! It was so perfect & wonderful, I am glad her phone wasn't on! I was 11 days early & none of us were expecting this
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congratulations!! wow, what an amazing birth!
Welcome Cora!!
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Wow Congrats!
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What an exciting birth! I love the name Cora . . . congratulations!!!!
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Wow, another amazingly fast birth! Congrats, mama!
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Originally Posted by hapi2help View Post
Congrats and welcome little Cora!

Side note - the babies are flying out of vaginas here in the July DDC.

Congrats Superfastreader! Welcome baby girl Cora!
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Congrats! And I hope I get some of these fast vibes! My last labor was 44 hours! Ack!
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Wonderful! Congratulations
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