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OK, you speed-birthers . . .

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We've had a couple of really, REALLY fast births in our ddc. I'd like to know just how long your first birth was if you experienced a "speedy delivery" in later births. Humor me, please.
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My first was maybe 6 hours total. But that kind of includes crampiness and prelabor. I wasn't really sure I was in labor when we went to the hospital. We packed up because I had an unexplained fever. Contractions became regular as we were packing up. By the time we made the 20 minute drive to the hospital, and checked in to triage, they were 2 minutes apart and I was 6 cm dilated. Baby was born within 2 hours of arrival to the hospital. So true active labor was probably 3 hours.

With ds2, it was 2 hours from first contraction to birth, but the majority of that was in about 35 minutes. It was a very intense birth.

With ds3, it was 3 hours from the first significant contraction, but I'd been cramping all evening beforehand. This birth was more gradual and gentle, and just about perfect.
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I'd love to see the results for number 3 for others since I'm currently pg with #3.

Both my labors so far were identical except for time of day (#1 born in the evening, #2 born at dawn)

Both began with SROM then one on top of the next (irregular) surges, and baby about 2.5 hours (just a little less) after SROM.
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My 1st, 2nd and 3rd labors were all about 12 hours each.

My 4th was 45 minutes... but I think that's because he arrived a mere 14 months after my previous baby.

We had a seven year break and then had baby #5, whose labor was 24 hours long. It's been two years now and I'm really hoping that #6 goes much, much quicker!
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#2 was 2 hrs. #3 was 3 hrs. (We're talking first contraction to baby in arms.)
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first vaginal was 13 hours
then 5 hours
then 6 hours
rest of them have had active labor around 3 hours.

the 6 hour labor was far and away the easiest. it had a textbook progression, only about 15 minutes of "awful".
the short ones are just so fast that I tend to get overwhelmed and have a much harder time getting 'in the zone' as things start out fast and furious vs.the 6 hour which was a nice, predictable,building of intensity
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I'm in your DDC and am afraid I might have a really fast birth. My first labor was 6 hours, but it was not a nice slow progression. When I got to the hospital I was dilated to 3 and an hour and a half later I was 9.5. I was only at the hospital 3 hours and Ds was born in that time. I'm pretty worried about having an even faster labor this time. I know some people think they are great, but for me it was horrible. The pain and intensity was totally overwhelming. It was a really traumatic experience, in part because of the speed and pain. I hope this next birth is at least 3 or 4 hours, or maybe I'll get lucky and it will be a nice managable 12 hours.
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first: 8 hours from water breaking to babe in arms. Paying attention to the labor for only about 6 hours, though we didn't arrive at the hospital until about 2 hours prior. I did have intermittent monitoring, but the nurse followed me with the doppler so it wasn't restricting at all. Dr. caught the baby because at the time I was propped up on the toilet. Never really felt overwhelmed or in "too much" pain. Very do-able for me, though def. the toughest thing I'd ever done to date!

second: 6 hours from water breaking to babe in arms. Arrived at hospital less than an hour prior, just enough time IMO. As soon as they hooked up the monitors and left I was in transition, they never did get that first 10 minute read, lol. That was the only time I felt kind of out of control, because I was tied to the machine and couldn't escape to the bathroom until H told them to come take the monitors off. About 3 minutes later I was fully dilated and my body began pushing, though again I didn't actively participate until close to the end. Dr. "made it" with about 5 minutes to spare; was glad to be able to watch. Only interventions were hep lock inserted as I was pushing (talk about useless) and cord check after the head was out. Oh, and he helped me off the toilet at my request so I could catch myself.

Both times the nurses were more freaked out than I was, primarily because they'd never seen a natural birth go quite the way mine do (i.e. smoothly, relatively quietly, etc). I think 4 hours would be just fine for me if I was at home (preferable even), but since H is bound and determined to get me to a hospital, I'm hoping for another 6 hour endeavor this time. I can sense the flow of things better and make sure I have all my ducks in a row before leaving for the hospital, and arrive with a little time to explain to the staff just how I operate before push comes to shove (lol).
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My first birth began with SROM and was exactly 4 1/2 hours from water breaking to holding baby. I pushed for 20 minutes. It was an ideal birth. By the time the pain was intolerable and I started letting cuss words go I had the urge to push.
We prepared for an even faster birth with #2, expecting our midwife not to make it (she is at least an hour away). However, my water did not break at the beginning and I ended up with an 18 hour labor. I was stalled out for 12 of those hours with contractions only coming every 15 minutes. The labor was totally manageable, but the excruciating part was a bit longer at about an hour. And, although I only pushed for 10 minutes, the delivery was MUCH, MUCH worse than with my first. I developed PTSD afterward.
I am hoping for something similar to my first birth this time, but with this history it is a toss up! I just hope I am not developing a pattern and end up with an EVEN longer labor (like days long! ugh!).
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My first I was 5cm for WEEKS and finally agreed to an AROM and pit at almost 42 weeks. It still took me about 10ish hours to birth him... I pushed for an hour and he was 10-4.

Baby #2- At 40 weeks had AROM secondary to first baby's size and she was born about 4.5 hrs later, pushed 20ish minutes of that. 9lb13oz

Baby #3- I did EPO and my OB stripped my membranes at 39 weeks. My water broke that night and 3 hrs later I delivered. I was at the hospital for only a short time, there was no real pushing phase and my nurse caught. She was only 6-10

I cannot wait to see what this baby ends up doing. I'm so curious what we're having, how big and how he/she will make an enterance. I'm actually hoping for less than 30 mins at the hospital this time
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#1: 12 hours, 1 hour of pushing
#2: 3 hours, 5 minutes of pushing
#3: 11 hours, 5 minutes of pushing
#4: 56 hours, 5 minutes of pushing. This is a little deceptive because actual hard labor was about 8 hours long, but it was 56 hours between my water breaking and the baby being born, and there were plenty of contractions in there, believe me. They just weren't so bad that I couldn't function.
#5: No labor - emergency c/s
#6: 4 hours, 5 minutes of pushing...okay, that's wishful thinking, I haven't had #6 yet.
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Originally Posted by nova22 View Post
#1: 12 hours, 1 hour of pushing
#2: 3 hours, 5 minutes of pushing
#3: 11 hours, 5 minutes of pushing
#4: 56 hours, 5 minutes of pushing. This is a little deceptive because actual hard labor was about 8 hours long, but it was 56 hours between my water breaking and the baby being born, and there were plenty of contractions in there, believe me. They just weren't so bad that I couldn't function.
#5: No labor - emergency c/s
#6: 4 hours, 5 minutes of pushing...okay, that's wishful thinking, I haven't had #6 yet.
lol. I wish it were as easy as writing it down! That'd make life so nice for me about now
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#1 I was induced and it was about 12 hours.
#2 was 3.5 hours from water breaking to baby in arms. I had no contractions until my water broke either. My midwife got there(home birth) as she was crowning!
#3 was 4.5 hours from contractions starting. My water didn't break until about 3 hours into it. She was born 15 minutes after we arrived at the hospital! We barely made it! The doctor didn't even make it. The nurse caught her, and the doctor delivered the placenta.
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#1 - 12 hours from bloody show and minor cramp to baby. It was about 7 hours from when I realized the contractions were not just Braxton Hicks to baby, 6 hours from water break, and about 4 hours of work, 2 hours of pushing.

#2 - I hope I have the same easing into the work part of labor, but I expect my pushing stage will be shorter since this time I will know how to do it (I never had the urge so I was doing it wrong for a bit). I hope it's not too much faster than #1, because those 4 hours of work were really intense, felt like I was not getting a break.
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#1- 39w1d -labor started with hard contractions at 415pm. 3-5 min apart and 45 sec long. DD was born at home exactly 6 hrs later. 12 min pushing

#2-went to bed at 40w5d with more of the same crampy BH I'd had for a week. Woke up with a strong crampy contraction at 230am. DS born at home 4 hrs later at 615 am. 10 min pushing

I hope this one is no less than 2 hrs. It is kind of hard to mentally process that you're having the baby when it goes so fast.

ETA I started both labors dilated 3cm. This one I checked myself (going UC this time) and I'm at least 3, but that was 1.5 weeks ago. I'm now 41 weeks.
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All from first contraction to holding baby:

#1- 8 hrs (my only hospital/birth center birth)
#2- 4 hrs
#3- 2 hrs
#4- 2 hrs
#5- 3 hrs
#6- ??

I had a birth dream for this babe that he/she was born super fast, without even any labor, just "oh my! Baby is coming now!" and then I was holding baby. As much as that would be nice, a little more warning would be nice
I do hope for another quick labor though, just not quite that quick!
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My first was 13 hrs. Second 5.5, third 4.5 hrs...hoping I don't go any faster! MW lives 2 hrs away. Even tho I walk around 100% effaced, fully engaged and at 3 -4 for weeks, it was still pretty intense...I'd rather it be slightly slower like my second (that hr helped, lol) and less intense...
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My first was about 9 hours, in the hospital. I got an epidural because I had scar tissue on my cerivx and wouldn't dilate properly. Then couldn't feel to push, so pushing took 2 hours(!). It worked better when I laughed, so I laughed him out.

My second took 2 hours total...10 minutes of pushing. I woke with contractions, wandered a little, pretty laid back, and then it ramped. My mw didn't make it in time, but her assistant did--and had her first solo catch!

I'd take the 2 hour labor any day!

PG with #3...everyone says it's the wild card...
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I'm in your DDC too.

1st was a pit induction, no labor till they broke my water, then 6 hours from 2cm to delivery.

2nd LOTS of pre and prodromal labor, LOTS!!! Never painful just annoying and stealing my sleep on a nightly basis. Asked OB to break my water (before my crunchier days) 7 hours 2 cm to delivery.

3rd Supposed to be a pit induction...After 2 days of pit and cervidil and no ctx and no change convinced OB to turn off the pit and break my water...Less than 2.5 hours from a long 2cm to delivery.

I am seriously concerned about my water breaking at home this time! Especially since he is almost sure to show up before 37 weeks!
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My water broke at aprox 7:30 Am called Hospital Midwife at 8, she said to come in whenever I wanted to but no later than noon. I went in a little after noon, labor didn't really kick in till about 3:00 and baby was born at 5:30 with suction.

So I would say that was fairly fast. I had transition at aprox 4:30 and pushed for a bit after that.

I also had scar tissue and would not dilate so my mw stretched me and that helped a LOT!!! It didn't feel good but I needed it!

Big momma
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