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What to do with beets?

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I have about three sliced beets in the fridge and I have no idea what to do with them. I have basically just been snacking on them, but would love to have an idea of how to use them as a meal. I also have a can of pumpkin puree that has been sitting in the pantry for months..any ideas? I'd like to use it for something other than bread or dessert. TIA and I love reading through these threads! I am super frugal when it comes to food and I try to stretch everything as far as it will go.
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You could use the pumpkin puree to thicken a bean soup, maybe with some sage. Savory way to enjoy pumpkin.

The beets could be used in mashed potatoes. Puree the beets with a little chicken broth or milk, then add to the cooked potatoes as the liquid in your mashed potatoes. Add butter and salt/pepper as desired. The end result is a really earthy, delicious flavor and BRIGHT PINK mashed potatoes. It makes a lovely base for roasted chicken dishes.
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Steam or boil the beets, cut into cubes, drizzle with olive oil, lemon juice and some chopped parsely for a salad.
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Thanks so much ladies! I was thinking something with potatoes would be yummy..so I may def try that. I have already boiled and peeled them so they're ready to go. I also saved the juice that seeped out during boiling and added a little apple and grape juice. Pretty yummy stuff!
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you can also make a variation of potato salad with beets:
boil chopped carrots and potatoes and peas and mix with mayonaise. you can serve this to top an avocado (it's called a palta rellena, peruvian food) as a light meal with rice. you could add boiled torn-up chicken.

i also like to just marinate them in some vinegar and onions and eat...german beet salad style.
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I like to use cooked, sliced beets in green salads, sometimes with cannellini beans. And I also like them alone with balsamic vinegar or mixed with citrus fruit & nuts. I've made roasted carrots, onions & beets that was tasty along with roast beef.

I use pumpkin puree in waffle/muffin/pancake/quick bread mix most often. You could also make some ravioli if you're a pasta maker. I also like a nice pumpkin soup with ham.
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I love beets! Just add a little butter and enjoy! Beet salad is great too.
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They are good roasted with other root vegetables
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I remember eating a chocolate cake at a kid's birthday party that had roasted and pureed beets in it. absolutely delish! Let me see if I can find the recipe.

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I use boiled beets sliced with cooked onions and a homemade dijon mustard

so good
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Veganomicon has an amazing autumn root salad with maple fig dressing recipe. Amazing. I love making beets for that, but I've been looking for more ideas and I have a big bag of beets in the fridge right now. I think I'm going to try the pink mashed potatoes and the beets with lemon juice.
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MY FAVORITE meal EVER: The Steamed Beet Sammy....

steamed beet slices (big rounds), avocado, steamed kale or sprouts, dijon mustard on some toasty bread/bagel or corn thin, rice cake. So GOOD!!!
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