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Single Parenting

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I have no idea how hard it is, and I hope to not find out, but all of you single APers deserve a big pat on the back.

DH and I had a really bad weekend of not getting any of the stuff done that we wanted to and there were two of us the whole 48 hours. Frequently during the week I think, well take care of that when DH gets home or on the weekend. You don't have that option.

I hope each and every one of you has some good support and you get your breaks as needed. APing isn't the smoothest and easiest roads to take, and it can't be easy on your own; you're doing a great thing and I, for one, admire you.

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Honestly? I couldn't IMAGINE having a father for my boys in my life. The times that Owen's father does come around or think that he REALLY has a say in the decisions I make for Owen on a daily basis, we bash heads so bad!

I like my philosophies, and think they are the best for my children... They are "out there" for most people, but they are mine, and my boys are THRIVING with them...

I don't know how NON single mothers do it!!!

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Yep, I just got into 1st fight with DH about differing philosophies. I really had to quell the urge to say, "she's MY kid...."
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I'll second that... My dh and I always feel over our heads and there are two of us getting the work done. If I were alone I am sure I would live in a pig stye (spelling was never my strong point).

You go laides.
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Just movin' this over to the Single Parenting forum. Hope more moms will see it.

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Thanks for the kudos from the parents with partners! It's nice to hear every once in a while....

I second that sentiment, Emily! I can't imagine having a DH! Oh, the conundrums, I can just imagine!

Thanks again!
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Thanks Grumo, its nice to have your support.

Although i too must agree with others here - i really cant imagine having to share my boobs with anyone other than my ds right now.......lol

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Great timing...

Wow that was interesting, just as I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself because I don't know how to deal with my ex, I found this thread. Thanks a bunch for the support. No matter where it comes from, it is always appreciated.

I know my ex is such a jerk I'm so thankful it ended when it did. Now I just don't know where it all fits into the scheme of things... what's best for my son? Should he know about his dad -- and do I tell him-- or do I wait for him to ask? He's met him but doesn't know that's "daddy" (which, of course, he's not -- I see him as "sperm donor").
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