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No more drain in Fishy Pool?

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I was reading Amazon reviews on the Fishy Pool, and the recent reviews all say the pool does not have a drain plug like the description states. Anyone use one recently? How did you drain the water when you were done? Also, one of the reviews made it sound as if the different levels of the side of the pool are all inflated through one valve, and are not separate air chambers. Is this true? I should think that could be kind of disaster if the pool should get a hole in it. I SO want to go the cheap route for this water birth. I hope the Fishy Pool is still a good choice.
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I've never seen the drain used after a birth. I've seen water siphoned or pumped out. I've used the drain outdoors after the kids had used the pool to play in, though. Think about what surface you're putting the pool on and where the water would go.
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So a valve would be in the bottom of the pool, not the lower side? You have a good point. If the valve is in the bottom it would make no sense to use it for indoors. Last time we used a water trough, and it had a drain valve on the side of the trough near the bottom, which made clean-up really easy. That pool has other draw-backs, though.
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we have only had one couple ever use the drain- it was in the winter and the construction worker husband- put plastic sheeting then styrofoam insulation sheets cut a channel in the foam for a pipe and glued a pipe with an open and close valve hooked to a hose that so they could empty and fill the pool- other than that time I have never seen it used- but from what i have seen recently the rings still have their own blow-up valves
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I just got mine a few weeks ago. It does have a drain but as already noted I am not sure how helpful that would be inside.
The rings all blow up individually though. There are 3 spouts for the rings, one for the very bottom of the pool and one for a ring in the bottom.
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I just got one from Amazon last month, and it does have the bottom drain and also has separate valves for each of the rings.
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Well, it sounds like the floor drain is a moot point anyway, but it is good to hear the rings inflate seprately. Thanks all! I think we will be doing the fishy pool.
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