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Did you birth similar to your mother?

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At my last MW appointment, she asked me if my mom went early, on-time or past her due dates. I really didn't know, so I asked her. She went 2 weeks early for all 3, and we were all 7 lbs and 12 oz (give or take a few oz). Plus, she slept through early labor and only had active labor and pushing that lasted from 3-6 hours. Sheesh. My MW was also saying that some women will begin labor in a similar pattern as to when they ovulate. Interesting.

So I've been getting a vibe that my little guy may come early. I really don't think its wishful thinking, for we really do have a lot that still needs to be finished (we are working on an addition to our house). I am thinking that I should start preparing for the possibility of going early (37 weeks), just in case. That's like, 3.5 weeks away!!!! Wowzers

Did you give birth similarly as your mother or sisters?
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No! Thank goodness my mother went two full weeks overdue with me. Dr said I was "stuck in the birth canal." so she was induced and numbed while nurses pushed on her abdomen and the doc used forceps. Ick!

My dd was only 4 days "late" and my labor was spontaneous and progresses slowly but smoothly.

My brother was 10 days early, so we'll see how my 2nd birth compares.
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Nope! I was footling breech and my Mom's water broke at 37 weeks and she had an emergency C-section. DD1 was head down and I was induced at 38 weeks and had a smooth 12 hour labor. If I hadn't been induced I bet she would have been another week or 2 at least since NOTHING was happening with dilation or effacement when I was induced. Not letting them induce me this time so we will see what happens.
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Nope. My mom went past her due date with me, water broke, labored but didn't dilate past 3cm so 27 hours after her water broke, they did a c-section (ugh). Then my sister was born a week or two early when she went into labor and they did a routine repeat c-section.

My boys were both born naturally at 39 weeks, after 6.5 and 8 hours of labor, my water was artificially ruptured at 10cm both times (once by my midwife, once by myself). Not a single similarity aside from size-- I was 9.15 and my sister was 8-something, and my boys were 8.3 and 9.0.
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My mom had me 1-2 weeks past my EDD, and my brother on his EDD. I had my DD 2 weeks before EDD, so no similarity there.

I'm not sure how long my mom labored with me, but I think it was on the shorter side of things. With my brother, she barely got to the hospital in time, and her midwife didn't have time to take off her jacket (my Dad ended up assisting catching my brother). For me, I had about 2.5 hours of active labor after a whole lot of back pain, which, looking back on it, was probably back labor.

I talked to my grandmother this spring about her 2 labors, and they also seemed like they were on the shorter side. So, I guess short labors are a family thing? My grandmother had my mom with no drugs (unusual at the time) and my mom birthed me at a birth center, so its neat to be able to compare birthing experiences knowing that they were basically intervention free.

And as sort of a side note, since my Grandma was born at home (and all births prior to that were homebirths), my DD inherits an unbroken line of drug free/intervention free births, which I think is way cool! She better not ever think about getting an epidural (joking!) I just hope she also inherits the family independent streak to do what she feels is best for her, and her potential babies
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Well, our labors were similar, but our gestational lengths were not. I've never made my dates yet. My mom was increasingly post-dates with each of us (I was a week, my sister was 1 1/2 weeks, my brother 2 1/2 weeks post-dates). Other than that our actual labors have been similar in that they've been fast and intense. My longest labor (from actually knowing I was going to have this baby today) has been 8 hours; the other was 6 hours. Her longest labor was 8 hrs and each labor got shorter (I can't remember actual numbers for my siblings). My sister actually also had a short and intense labor. But she, like me, delivered pre-dates. We all three of us had weeks of prodromal labor as well (except for me with ds. He was just a surprise at 35w5d).

LindsayK, my babies have inherited a long line of drug-free births as well (maternally anyway). My mom had us all at birth clinics or at home and my grandmother was a pioneer at her time, refusing drugs or interventions when Twilight sleep was standard. The nurses and ob were so angry with her they left her in an isolated room and refused to help her, beyond the occasional checks (remember this was before husbands were allowed in maternity wards). And she did that three times! She's my hero
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Fairly similarly, yep. Her first was a week+ late, 48 hour natural labor. Her second was a week early, 4 hour labor.

My first was 2 weeks late with 4 days prodromal labor and 24 hrs active. My second was a week late with 8 hours active labor.

She didn't have a third, so I'm on my own now.
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LindsayK: that is really special that your family has unbroken line of intervention/drug free births, thanks for sharing.

MonP'titBoudain: Your grandma is a hero, awesome!

Thanks ladies for the input, I find it interesting to hear about women's different birthing experiences....

My grandmother birthed all of her babies at home, her DH was her MW, in rural Alaska. No options back then, they were blessed with healthy babies and safe births. My mom had intervention/drug free births, done in the hospital because MW's weren't as prevalent as they are today.
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I wish I had birthed like my mom. I was in labour for 34 hours. Her longest labor was 4 hours and her shortest was .5 hour.

But I had my DS on his EDD and my mom ran 2 week over with me.
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No. Her first labor(me) was lasted 3 days and she went at least a week overdue. I was in for 4.5 hours and DD was born @38wks. My mom is disappointed that I got off so easy.
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Nope! My mom's first baby (me) was a 32-weeker and weighed 4 lbs. I practically slid out. My first came at 40w3d and weighed 9 lbs. It took me 4 hours to push him out. My water broke and I went straight into active labor. With my mom's second baby, she was in early labor for four days before my 6-lb brother was born. My mom herself was an 11-lb frank breach vaginal birth.
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Not even close. My mom had to go on bed rest, had 3 c-secs, 3 vbacs, and one pre-e. She went early with all but me. I go very close to EDD's and have a bit more bleeding than normal but that's it.
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I'm not sure about labour because my mom had 2 very medical births while I had a natural brith. However, the women in our family have a long history of having early babies - not a single one less than 9 days early in 3 generations. My mom and I have very similar menstrual cycles too - we both started menstruating 1 month and 1 day before our 13th birthdays and have wacky, erratic cycles that go between 21 and 32 days. I wonder if this affects gestational length? My mom had my brother and I both 3 weeks early; I had DS almost 3 weeks early. I am afraid of going into labour more than 3 weeks early because then I'll have to go off island and have a hospital birth with no midwife support. I will be at term in 3 weeks though .
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Nope, my mom was 10 days early with her first and I was 10 days late. Her labor started with her water breaking and mine didn't break until I was 10 cm. and was ready to push. I think with some of the others she was induced and with the last (#7) she had him on his due date!
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Nope. My mom labored for 64 hours with me, failed to progress, and ultimately had a c/s (planned homebirth). I'm an only child.

I have two girls. My first labor was a hard 24 hours, vaginal delivery at birth center. Second was an easy 9-ish hours, vaginal delivery at home.
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