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Stopping in for some thoughts.

I have a small herd of Nigerians that I purchased a couple months ago. They have produced sweet, creamy, delicious milk (aside from one that is nearly dried off - I assume from the stress of moving to a new home). However over the last couple of weeks they are suddenly producing "goaty" milk every few days. I've tested it and it seems to be goaty smelling and tasting the moment it comes out. So it must be something going on inside them.

I do not like goaty milk (thankfully my dh is a good sport and will drink it down). Any thoughts about what might be going on?

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What have they been eating? Did they get into some different pasture/weeds/rosebushes?
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Are they mingling with male goats?

Any changes to your milking routine?
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I finally got them leafy hay (as opposed to the grassy horse hay they were eating since I've gotten them), but they were eating that before I got them and their milk wasn't goaty then. And it's what they are supposed to be eating... Other than that, nothing is different. There is a 2 month old buckling in with them, but is he really old enough to be making "the scent"?
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When my buckling hit 7-8 weeks, I took him out from the ladies' pen. I have an older buck, so he has company...but at 2 months old, there is the possibility of breeding.

I noticed a similar thing, though. My Nubians only once in a while make milk that is a little "goaty." I wonder whether it's hormonal or something. Dunno.
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