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car seat inspection near Cambridge?

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Hi Folks,

We have a new babe arriving any day now, and I'd really like help installing our carseats. For DS, the Cambridge police did it -- they offered a monthly or weekly car seat inspection time. I've called them and left a message, but it seems that they will do it only if/when someone is available. And I fear that might not be until January! All of the local municipalities that offer inspections are for residents only.

Any suggestions for other places for the inspection? Or is there anyone out there who's a carseat tech who might be willing to help?

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Have you checked Arlington? The website doesn't say anything about having to be a resident. http://www.town.arlington.ma.us/publ...ases/ChildSeat
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Make sure that, wherever you end up going, it is a true CPST who is helping you. Well-meaning police and fire departments don't always have techs, and it's not uncommon for parents to be given outdated or flat-out-wrong advice from non-techs at police and fire stations.

I checked at the National CPS (Child Passenger Safety ) site, and saw that there are two CPSTs at the Cambridge police department. Perhaps you could contact them directly, rather than through the department? Click on the button on the right for "Find a Tech," then enter your location info.

If you want to post in Family Safety, maybe folks there could help give you some tips if you tell them what car you have and what seat you will install. Most seats install relatively easily if you know a trick or two.

Good luck!
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Boston Police Department
135 Dudley Street
Roxbury, MA 02119

Phone: 617-343-4278
Contact: Nicole Allen

Appointments every Friday

Natick Police station doesn't ask where you live.


Also, try to find State police stations... There aren't any
town restrictions for them.
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