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Milk "blister" on nipple, ouch, help!

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I'm 29 months into breastfeeding twins. Now nursing twice a day. It's all gone really well, and the only problems I've had were serious soreness at first, and a minor duct clog when we scaled back to twice a day a few months ago.

But now, it looks like I have a blister (one might even call it a zit) on my right nipple. I can see milk in it, and when I hand express nothing comes out there. It's very sensitive and a little painful. About the head of a pin in size.

What should I do? I want to clear it up right away so it doesn't develop into anything more. Should I poke it with a needle? Squeezing doesn't seem to help.

Sorry if this is TMI. Thanks!
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Maybe this will help:

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I had this in the first week of nursing my son, only on the right side. It was extremely sore to nurse him there. The LC (when she FINALLY got to me, 3 days later) had a name for it (which I've since forgotten), and said it was from poor latch. I thought that was odd, since we were having no problems on the left, but she said it's common for one side to be easier than the other. The only thing she said to do was to continue nursing until it went away- which, although uncomfortable, did work. I used Lansinoh, too, in between feedings. It went away within a week, I recall.

Although you've obviously been nursing for a while, and you & the children are pros, maybe they're getting to the age when their interest is waning and they are not latching like they're supposed to?

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Kelly's. I didn't think to look there, but that's exactly what I've got. That could be my picture! Thanks!

And you're right too Yaliina. One of my girls has been a little distracted recently. I almost told her to fix her latch, but realized that probably wouldn't make sense to her.

Will try some of those solutions tonight, thanks!
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I had one a few weeks ago and the LC called it a "bleb". I finally got mine to pop by applying warm compresses and finally applying pressure in the right spot. It was an immediate relief when I got it to pop.
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Yup! All drained and healing today. Yeah for a quick fix. Thanks!
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I had one on each nipple, in approximately the same place relative to her mouth-- she had changed her tongue position, and that was enough to cause two blebs! Really really sucky, SO painful.
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