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What's your fave way to eat eggs? - Page 3

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I've come to love baked eggs (particularly this way with croutons and onions).

I often have them sunny side up over baby spinach or arugula, or over hard as an egg sandwich (we always had them over hard growing up - having branched out recently myself since they've become a personal favorite).
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scrambled with cheese and salsa, then thrown on top of tortilla chips and eaten like a chunky dip yummmm
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Over easy sprinkled with spinach or baby greens and with shredded parmesan or mozzarella... add some fresh-ground pepper or chives, and OMG. I love putting them on homemade bread with some butter. We have eggs several times a week and I love them.
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poached on buttered toast
softly scrambled
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Angel food cake

I don't really like eggs plain---I prefer them in my baked goods!
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French style scrambled eggs... fluffy with lots of butter. mmmm.
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Originally Posted by abimommy View Post
I have never had pickled eggs, I am not eating that.
I love pickled eggs! Particularly if they're pickled with beets.

And I really didn't mean that I don't eat eggs *any* other way - it's just that my go-to egg style has been sunny for all my life, and I just discovered that ya know... without bread that's just not that fun. Over is much nicer.

Soft boiled with butter, corn flakes and garlic salt was another way we ate them growing up.
Poached in milk over toast (milk and all)
I will say I also love poached on a good sourdough toast with rosemary brown butter

And I can't believe nobody's mentioned Scotch eggs.

Oh, and we've been eating a lot of souffle pancakes lately.

And ice cream is always a great way to eat them - although I only use the yolks in mine.
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Sunny side up with rye toast.

I eat the whites first. Then I dip the toast in the liquid yoke part. The firmer yoke I then put on top of the remaining toast & enjoy
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We raise hens, so we have lots of eggs!!

Quiche-any way possible, sometimes with a crust, sometimes without.
Always have hard boiled on hand for the kids.
Toad in the hole for a portable breakfast

tapioca pudding
chocolate pudding

My fave-scrambled, over baby field greens or baby spinach, with a light sesame dressing! Glass of Chablis, and I'm happy!
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Eating out: Over easy, with rye dry (toast, no butter) for dipping.

At home: Egg in a hole/toad in a hole, done in the cast iron skillet with lots of butter.
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