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I've always rather disliked them, but lately have been served/made them in ways that made me realize it was just the way they were made that i disliked.

So what type of bean is your favorite? How do you like to prepare them?
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My favorite beans are pinto and black, and I prefer them both refried with plenty of lard. Don't like kidney beans at all.

I'm currently experimenting with a primal/paleo-ish diet, though, so no beans for me right now.
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my fave beans are white beans, particularly white beans. I like to soak em, cook em with seaweed, and garlic and cumin. sometimes we refry them. Sometimes we cook the beans, with also jalepeno's, and then when the beans are cooked through, add rice and top off with enough water to cook the rice, cook the rice, so you have brown rice and sort of... mushy beans, and serve with acv, salt, cheese, and butter and hot sauce.

oh, and also curred red lentils, either a "thai-ish" curry or an "indian-ish" curry.
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Garbonzo beans, either made into hummus or used whole in a salad or eaten plain like a finger snack.

Black beans, mixed up with salsa, avacado & black olives scooped up with a healthy type of chip (flax seed chips, organic corn & sesame chips, kale chips, etc).

Pinto beans, rinsed and plain in a bowl.


Here's a link with recipes, clik on "beans/legumes" then "recipes":
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I like black beans too - I serve them aside chicken and rice, and I usually make them saucy with some corn and sauteed onion and garlic.

Lima beans I like mixed in with mixed vegetables more than on their own, in a sauce, again with chicken and rice
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I love black beans & rice or pinto beans & chili (especially red chili, or just pinto beans & rice too I'm also a big fan of lentils made into a dal - basicly lentils cooked w/ coconut milk & curry powder.
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chickpea poppers are good. really good.


and this is what i'm having for lunch today! yum. (Spinach, Chick Pea & Coconut Curry (in less than 10 mins!) - Vegetarian Vegan)

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I mostly like lentils, or chickpeas in salads. I make several different as patties/burgers and that would be my favorite. I like a quinoa and black bean, and I make a great veggie burger based on the cooks illustrated
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Garbonzos are my favorites, love them in all kinds of ways. Hummus, whole in salads, chana masala, harira yummmm

kidney beans, chili, red beans and rice, vegie sloppy joes

great northern beans, bbq beans

black eyed peas and rice

Mexican whole black beans, black bean chili

navy bean soup
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