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The official MARCH 2010 thread! How are you?

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Hi ladies! So here's what's been happening with us. My little Nora is SOOO sweet. She is such a "good" baby. I:ve never had a baby sleep more than 2 hrs and she routinely goes 6! I actually don't feel tired. it is so weird! LOL

We ran into a rough patch when she got a cold , ear infection, followed by stomach virus. So during her 2nd month of life she only gained 8 oz! She has m ild reflux which makes her not the best nurser- she needs to be coaxed -so now her weight gain is getting on track but it is on the low end of normal. In addition she has consistently mucuosy poop so I have embarked on a ED (elimination diet) So far- I see NO CHANGE. Ugh. An interesting thing, I started feeling anxious before she got the ear infection and it was unrelenting. I even called my midwife because I started worrying about PPD. Well- now I think it was instinct. I knew something was up.

It is sometimes tough with the 3 kids but I am balancing things pretty good I think.

How are all of you?
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Doing well over here, too... DD also has mild reflux so we're dealing with that--LOTS of spitting up, GI distress, etc. but it could be worse. And she's also a good sleeper, so I'm totally thankful for that. I feel like I can handle most stuff as long as I get some sleep!

I recently went back to work part time, and we start part time day care next month, and I'm feeling *stressed* about it. It's hard enough to leave her with my husband or in-laws all day, but to drop her off at daycare? Yeesh. Not looking forward to it at ALL.

How's everyone else??
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Doing well over here, too... DD also has mild reflux so we're dealing with that--LOTS of spitting up, GI distress, etc. but it could be worse. And she's also a good sleeper, so I'm totally thankful for that. I feel like I can handle most stuff as long as I get some sleep!

I recently went back to work part time, and we start part time day care next month, and I'm feeling *stressed* about it. It's hard enough to leave her with my husband or in-laws all day, but to drop her off at daycare? Yeesh. Not looking forward to it at ALL.

How's everyone else??
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Good luck with day care- I hope it goes ok! I would be stressed too.
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Well...I do NOT have a great sleeper, though I'm not complaining much at this point, because I know things could be worse. Ari doesn't sleep at all without me - which is getting complaints from DH. Naps are usually in the rocking chair, which has its pros and cons. DS is not getting enough attention from me, but I'm not sure what I can do about it. If I put DD down, she wakes up. And I can't wear her all the time - not that she'd like it anyway.

Nursing is going well. Crankiness (she had colic) is improving. She's a demanding, particular baby (hold me like this!!) but overall, everything is getting better. And nighttime sleep isn't bad for this age...though I do envy the moms getting five or six hours at a stretch.
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Hi everyone!
I'm loving motherhood! DD is my 1st and probably last and we are having a blast. DD is 3/12 months now.

Every week I'm getting to know her more and visa versa I'm sure.
She's a good sleeper and eater for the most part. We don't have a schedule or anything. She eats and sleeps when she's ready. Sometimes if she's up pretty late still trying to party, DH or I will try and settle her down by getting ready for bed and rocking.

Breastfeeding is going good. I love it and sometimes think of the beginning days when we had so many issues. Now, its gravy. She eats alot less now. The morning and late night feeding is usually the longest.

Daycare- we finally found one we are comfortable with. She only has to go for 2 1/2 hours twice a week, but even that's too much for me. I so wish that I could WAH.
I think she must have picked up a bug from someone there. She's currently sick. It's not too bad, but I hope it clears up real soon.
This is the part of motherhood that tears me apart. Seeing my DD sick or unhappy kills me. How do you Mama's do it? How do you live your life with your heart outside of your body without being a worried mess all the time?
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We're doing great. Evie's asleep in my lap right now, waiting to meet Daddy for Korean food. (Big sister is spending the night at my mom's.) She's been sleeping really well from the beginning. Wakes up once around 4:30 and I nurse her and move her from the co-sleeper to my bed. (Seriously, don't ask me how I get her to sleep that well because I have no idea!)

We got her first pictures done today, along with DD1's 5YO pictures. I can't wait until they come back!

All my fellow teachers are done for the year, which means my back-to-work countdown has really begun. I keep forgetting to call the women I'm going to interview about watching her in the fall. I think it's totally subconscious avoidance.
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And now the hair loss begins. I hope it isn't very much. :P
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Eden is the love of my life. She is 12 weeks now, and she is such a joyful babe. It's effortless to engage with her, smile and laugh, to speak Edenese (her favorite 'words' are "Agoora" "Ech-Ho" "Chiss")

She went through a month long period of sleeping through the night (5-8 hours at a time) but for the last 2 weeks she can only sleep for up to 3! What a change. My breasts are very happy now. *I* am still readjusting.

She is teething. Lots of drool, bubbles, and finger gnawing. A little white spot is appearing where her bottom two will go. So far, the pain is not bad.

I recently neglected to notice she was kicking herself towards the edge of the couch, and she fell, flat on her face. :*( It was the most horrific moment of my life. I watched it happen. I wasn't close enough to stop it. The image still feels like a punch in the stomach. I hate that I let it happen.

She is fine. She smiled at me ten minutes later.

That is how she has taught me forgiveness, and/or, the ability to have an experience, and move onto the next without mind-tripping, worrying, or living in the past. I only wish I could be so present.
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Zannster- my hair just started dropping out too! I have alot of hair so hopefully I won't look too bald!
I don't think Nora is a great sleeper in relation to the average mainstream formula fed babe but to me she is!! It is all relative. I wear her for most naps although right now for some reason (knock on wood) she is sleeping alone.

Cocoanib-I am so glad to hear that nursing is going great!! Isn't it amazing to think you could have given up-so many people do! Now look how wonderful it is.
As far as the stress goes- UGH!! DOn't ask me! NOra has been sick twice already plus the mucus in the stool issue. I am a wreck about it. My boys were never sick but they didn't have older sibs bringing germs home from school.

Stacey- March is the best time to have a baby if you are a teacher. But I would be in denial about September too. DH is a HS English teacher too. He teaches summer school too (when I am not working- which I am not doing this summer for sure)
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October- sorry missed your post!

I think every mom I know has had the baby fall once. Their skills sneak up on you!!

I agree about the being in the present. That's what I am trying to do to deal with the worry about Nora's gut. She is such a happy peaceful funny spirit. I don't want to waste any of this time just waiting for the next poop so I can be stressed!
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Hi ladies! I'm kind of straddling the February and March threads to see where we fit best, since Caroline came in February and it seems like a lot of the March babes were later in the month.

We're doing well though! Caroline had her 4-month check up on Friday...15 lbs 13 oz and 25.5". She's such a sweet chub! Dd1 was/is very much a stringbean, very tall and very slim. It's fun having a babe with rolls. Lots of drooling and finger chomping going on here, too, and she just mastered rolling back to belly yesterday!

I'm still losing lots of hair and AF just returned. With dd1, it was 13 months!
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Hi everyone. Its s good to read how everyone is doing. We have been blessed with a patient and understanding soul. Brighton has slept good and eaten really well from the start. We did have a few days learning curve with bf but I started side lying feeding him which has worked great for us.

He is 15 weeks today and at 13 weeks 4 days he was 17 lbs 3 oz and 26 inches. This. Is starting to give me a complex because he's been gaining steady from the start - he was 8lbs 2 oz at birth and has looked bigger than infants 2 and 3 months older than him from about a month on. He isn't too chuibby looking but definitely solid and well, big.

He is smiling and making noises with his smiles - chuckles grunts and squeals. Talking and sighing a lot and making the cutest sounds in the car. He lov es to be held but is fine to be propped up sitting or in a chair on his own. He isn't really sleeping much during the day anymore but I think that's because we make too much noise and move him around too much.

We feel so blessed to have him with us. I just wish I had more time to do the things I thought I'd be able to get to - or wear him while I do them but with his size and just being able to lift his head really well the past few weeks I haven't had much opportunity.

We hadn't planned on vaxing but curious on what you mamas are doing especially if you are selectively or delaying. I'm studying to see if anything can/will change my mind in favor of vaxing. Would love to hear what you all are doing.

We are starting signing with him now as he has been signing to us from the first week when he's hungry and tired and its a lot of fun.

What kind of games/reading or physical play are you all doing now?

Looking forward to seeing some photos too
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We are doing great!
Ruben was 3 months last Friday. I'm not sure what he weighs but he was 15lbs at his 10wk visit so I figure at 13wks now he's packed on a few more. He is actually a pretty great sleeper. I mean, I think his limit is 4hrs straight without nursing but I consider that pretty darn good. He goes to bed around 6 or 7pm and and gets up around 5 or 6am. I'm still exhausted but I know it'll get easier eventually.

He has started really giggling, mostly when his dad tickles him. It is pretty wonderful to watch.

bubbagirl- we decided to do selective and delayed. The only thing he's gotten so far is DTap and he didn't have an reactions so we'll continue with that one. I've decided that I don't want him getting more than one at a time. I figure if he's going to react badly to more than one I don't want his body dealing with them at the same time. My family has a history of reactions to certain ones so we're just taking it easy. Fortunately, at the moment I'm a SAHM so he's not really in contact with many other people which makes me less concerned about it.

on the games and reading front- I read to him every day and he totally quiets down and gets into looking at the pictures. There is also a lot of dancing and singing involved in our day. He also gets really excited when I help him pull himself up from laying down.

and here is a shot of me and my boy
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OK--I'm glad to know some other babies are only sleeping 3-4 hours at a time AND will only take naps in arms. Same here with Johnathon. He will wake right back up if I put him down for a nap. But, as I have read before, "babies don't keep," so I'll keep right on holding him! When and if I do put him down, he'll sleep for about 45 minutes by himself. If I hold him or sleep with him, we're looking at 2-3 hour naps.

He's doing great, though. He is such a happy baby. Smiling when he wakes up and just loves to laugh--the dogs are especially funny.

We've traveled overseas already to visit DH's family. He did great on the plane rides to and from, but then did not adjust to the home time zone as well. AND he got his first cold as soon as we got back. His sleeping was really messed up but now is getting much better.

Bubbagirl--Mine's a big boy, too. 17 pounds already at 14 weeks. DH is 6'4" and I was a HUGE baby, so I think he's just destined to be bigger. But, it's weird to see him as big as some 6 month old babies.

We did vax because of the international travel. It was to the UK so not a third world country or anything, but I felt better about it because of the plane and airports and just in a different country with international travelers overall.
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Hi Everyone! I cried a little when I saw our ddc closed. This baby was a wonderful surprise and I just can't believe that he is already 3 months old!

Our JoJo is the most pleasant of babies. He smiles constantly and rarely cries. My only complaint is his sleep schedule, or lack of one. I am so lucky if I get 4 hrs straight, and most nights it is every two to three hrs. I do know that this will pass, and next year I will be missing this sweet baby age.
We are going to vax, though not until he is 4 months and then I like to spread them out and only give one at a time.
Sorry, gotta run. So nice to see a continuation here in life with a babe!
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Re: vaxing. We haven't gotten any. My 5 yo hasn't had any either. I feel as though I'm between a rock and a hard place. If I could have selectively vaxed, I probably would have, but I don't feel like that's an option. So for now, DD isn't getting any. I may change my mind later. I saw Dr Jay Gordon recommends waiting until 1-2 years, and that seems like a sensible option. But we'll see.
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We're non-vaxers here too.

I wish we were still getting 3-4 hours of sleep at a time! Dd1 was a terrible, TERRIBLE sleeper from 4 months until we nightweaned around 23 months (like every 1-2 hours all night, every night). Caroline has been somewhat better from the start but lately isn't doing so great, so I'm lucky to get one 2-3 hour stretch, then rest are 1-2. I wish we could stay in bed longer in the morning but dd1 won't sleep much past 7, unfortunately!
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whoops I missed this. subbing
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We're no vax here, too.

Avery's growing and growing. He's moving out of the 3-6 month clothes already *sniff, sniff* So sad. He's supposed to be the last baby, but he's growing faster than either of the others did. WAH!
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