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Count me in.

omg and about everyone being pregnat. NO LIE I just found out that SIX other people around me are pregnant (some are moms of my students, some are friends, and i have some friends who are "trying") I truely think 2011 is gonna be a GIANT baby boom year!!!
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Yay! This sounds fun. Let's do it!
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Count me in! My other DDC did it and it was cool to get to know people that way.
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Sounds great! I'd love to get to know everyone better
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I'm game.
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I'm in! It's funny though, I figured we'd have fewer mamas in our DDC since it is a short month!

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Count me in!
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This sounds great! I'm in!
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Sounds like a good way to get to know people!
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I think we all agree it's a good idea, so who is going to be the boss of the threads?
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Originally Posted by Twinklefae View Post
I think we all agree it's a good idea, so who is going to be the boss of the threads?
Maybe someone who knows how to do it, so NOT me!
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Well, I think we need an official sign up thread, and if we get that stickied, I can do the rest. I'm due the end of February, so if we end up short for time, (and it's still going on) I won't vanish.
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Count me in, sounds like fun. Can't this be the official sign up thread?
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I'd need everyone's due date so that those who are due earliest and those with a history of preterm labour go first.

And I don't have the patience to figure it all out unless I make you write it all out.
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I'm due at the end of the month approx 22-24ish and I usually go right about on tie (#1 was 5 days early #2 was 5 days late)
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I'm due on the 25th, but probably won't give birth until March (3 birthdays in March, none in February, and all birthdates are clustered...)
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