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meclizine for morning sickness?

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My sweetie couldn't handle watching me in misery any longer, with my health insurance application pending, and he called a maternal health clinic. They talked for a long time, and they called in a prescription for Meclizine (compared to Dramamine, Ataver(sp?) etc).....incidentally, when he went to pick it up, a pharmacist pointed out that there is an over the counter generic (which was an 8th of the cost for 3 times the amount of meds.)

So, I've been hyperemetic, and I'm desperate. I've lost probably 8-10 pounds, and I've been throwing up 5-8 times a day. Haven't gotten out of bed except to puke. Nauseous constantly. Terribly. Most food sounds G R O S S. I've been eating grapes.

Needless to say, I've been unable to work or care for my dear children.

So now I have this simple $5 bottle of medication, and I'm wanting to put all my trust in it. Any ladies vouching for effectiveness of meclizine? I took one 25 mg chewable tablet a few minutes ago, and I'm crossing my fingers. All of them.
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Eh. I take meclizine to help with bouts of vertigo and they help a little. I'm also on Phenergan all the time for nausea, and now that I'm pregnant I'm taking Zofran for it as well. I usually use the Zofran as a first measure and if that fails move on to the Phenergan.

If you don't usually take much medication then the Meclizine should help you some, but it's not by any means a miracle pill.

I've heard good things about B6 and Unisom used together, should the Meclizine not work.
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I haven't heard of that drug personally - I had HG with my first and now again. First time I was offered zofran, and then reglan and phenegren. I had most success with zofran, as in reglan made me mentally weird.

I am on zofran again, I have also tried unisom/b-6 combo and that didn't work but a lot of people swear by it. Doula also suggested b-12 shots.

Honestly, I just started taking really good probiotics last night - Natures Way Optima, and it stopped my stomach pain I was having after I ate. I am still having dry heaves on zofran, but I have my appetite back and not waking up at night in pain. I am burping a lot more, which I am totally fine with if it means I am not a mean nasty person anymore because I am in pain. I am beating myself up I didn't think of trying it earlier. I think it needs to be a good multi-strain one, I used culturelle a few weeks ago and it did nothing. Really I am amazed at the difference I feel and totally stopped taking zantac, which I was also using to control what I thought was the excess acid in my stomach.

I think different things work for different people, I was determined not to have 26 week long m/s like I did with DD, so I have tried a lot.
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I've used the B6/Unisom combo, and it helped me thru hyperemesis with ds2. It didn't make me feel good, but it stopped me from throwing up for the most part. It didn't help with my last pg, and it didn't help with this one, either.... I haven't seen a dr or mw yet, so this is my first attempt at battling hyperemesis, and I'm just hopeful....
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The B6/Unisom combo is working for me too. Either that or I just happened to start feeling better the day I started taking it. I was throwing up 3 times a day and magically stopped throwing up yesterday and today and feel much better. I was about to start Zofran and Phenergan but if this is the B6/Unisom making me feel better, then I don't need anything else!
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I'm on generic Zofran after trying all the mw's other suggestions. I'm also on Zantac which helps with the build-up of stomach acid and means I don't have to take the Zofran as often. My insurance would only allow me to have a 3 day supply with one refill so at first I was rationing but the MW has promised we will find a solution and I will have zofran if/when I need it.
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My mw suggested half Unisom just wanted to let you know!

Big Momma
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Thx, all. It's working!!!! I mean, I haven't thrown up once since taking it, which is huge...but I'm utterly exhausted, sleeping a ton....which is always when I feel best. I've been able to both eat and drink. I want to get active and up out of bed, maybe tomorrow, when I'm used to the sleepiness a little more....
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SO glad to hear it's working for you!!!
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I'm using the 1/2 unisom/B6 combo, yay

I finally decided to do something, because the Sea Bands weren't helping anymore, and went for the Unisom/B6.
It works, but yes, I wish I were more alert.

Being no longer nauseous is great, but if I just had more energy too instead of then feeling nappish...

If I can't adjust in a few days and feel more alert, I may look into something else that will help the nausea but not make me so tired. Someone suggested 1/4 of a Unisom, but I don't see how I can make a half pill into a quarter. They're pretty small.
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I'm really glad to here that it's helping you!
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Which is working for you?  I am 15 weeks and still have the nausea.....fork in the eye!!  I have tried meclizine, zofran, unisom/b6... and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't......


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