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braxton hicks?

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I've been getting them the last few weeks. My belly gets tight for about 30 seconds and then eases up. 95% of the time there is no pain. Sometimes it is a little crampy but if I sit down the cramping stops.

I will typically get it about 6 times in an hour and then not again for a day o two.

Should I worry? I havent called my MW bc they dont hurt and go away with rest/fluids. I dont want to be a worry wart but dont want to ignore this either.

I have an appt in a week... but could call to move it up.
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If you are worrying, you should call and see about moving it up. The fact that they go away with rest and fluids is reassuring, but you may be worrying because of something you can't articulate that is actually going on in your body. Also, the crampy feeling could be something to worry about and 6 in an hour is a lot.
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I learned the hard way that even irregular painless contrax can cause dilation. "Braxton-Hicks" is a misleading idea. . . I was told that having more than 4 painless contrax an hour is not b-hicks, but they are considered contrax.

It is good that they diminish with rest and fluids, good sign. Still, I would bring this up to my doc or midwife.
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I had what you describe from about 27 weeks on with absolutely no dilation or effacement until I was very close to term. I gave birth at 38 weeks. That said, I think it is important to talk to your midwife about it in case something is happening.
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